Smartmedia card question

  peterleemaxwell 15:48 30 Oct 2003

I am presently using a 2mb smartmedia card with the top left hand corner above the chip cut off.
I recently purchased a 32mb card,only this one has the top right hand corner cut off above the chip.When inserted into the camera the new card won't register and consequently comes up with an error.
What does the cut off do?
Could I cut the corner off myself to make it work?
Why have some cards got opposite corners cut off?
I thought Smartmedia cards were universal?
Rob Smith.

  BurrWalnut 16:07 30 Oct 2003

It's to ensure you don't put it in the wrong way!

  peterleemaxwell 16:31 30 Oct 2003

BurrWalnut,This is not the case,as no matter which corner is cut off,the card still fits in,but the new card just will not register.
TheSack,The new card has Smartmedia plastered all over it and I can tell the difference between Smartmedia and Secure Digital.
Siouxah1,The camera takes 2x1.5v Batts.
I can only assume that the card must have changed from when it was first brought out.I'm seriously thinking now of clipping the corner off the new card!
Thanks to you all for your help,
Rob Smith.

  peterleemaxwell 16:46 30 Oct 2003

Thanks to all with Info.
I am a bit clearer about it now.There is definately no voltage stamped on the card though.

Thanks a lot,
Rob Smith.

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