SMART TV (Panasonic)

  JohnP90 21:23 29 Jan 2012

I have lost the ability for the TV to see my laptop through the router. It get the internet apps okay - but after making some shanges to try and make an improvement I have totally messed up the connection. The test on the TV shows the connection and the IP and MAC addresses to be ok. I think the probblem is with my laptop (Windows 7)somhow not making itself accessible to the TV - or it could be the router. My networking to a XP desktop is fine - and my WiFi printer. Originally I would see two servers on the TV - one ofr my profile and one for the (unused) Guest profile. I just get "Server not found"

  difarn 15:56 30 Jan 2012

Have you set up "multiple displays"? You should be able to do this by right clicking on your desktop - click on Resolution which should bring you to the screen showing your monitor - you should choose "set up multiple displays" -is your tv screen there?

Try updating your graphics driver

Go to Control Panel Click 'Hardware and Sound' Click 'Device Manager' Click 'Display Adaptor' it should now show your graphics card Right click on your graphics card name and click 'Update Driver'

If that doesn't help do the same again but.... Right click on your graphics card name and click 'Uninstall' Once that finishes - Reboot your pc

On rebooting the standard windows driver will install for your graphics card.

  JohnP90 16:29 30 Jan 2012

difarn - it gets its data through a Ethernet socket - it is connected to the router so nothing to do with the video on the laptop.

I did a Restore today and it seems to have solved the problem I was having. I just wish I understood it all a bit better.

  difarn 17:33 30 Jan 2012

Glad it is sorted - I realise it gets it's data through an ethernet cable but isn't that attached to the laptop? I assumed that you were wanting to use your tv as a second monitor so that you could watch, say iPlayer via your laptop but onto the large screen - in which case you needed to set up the dual monitors - hence my suggestion.

  JohnP90 17:41 30 Jan 2012

difarn - my laptop is wireless - as is my desktop (Belkin Router). The TV is connected to the router by an ethernet cable. The TV will open various standard apps - such as iPlayer, Facebook, BBC News.

The TV will also access the pictures, videos, movies and music from the laptop. It was this that was giving me a problem - and I wish I knew what it was that was causing the problem to prepare me in case it happens again. The computers were networking - but the TV wasn't joining in.

  difarn 18:59 30 Jan 2012

I understand now - I suppose you have checked the relevant permissions are enabled on your W7 laptop to enable sharing?

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