Smart thermostat to trigger remote switch

  Dumdoc 17:26 29 Aug 2018

Does anyone know of a smart thermostat that will switch a smart plug over wifi? I have an Amazon Echo hub... I've contacted hive and nest, but they won't answer this question since it is outside normal operation of their heating control systems.

  hastelloy 08:25 31 Aug 2018

Is this what you mean Active plug?

  Dumdoc 09:21 31 Aug 2018

Yes. I’m not sure if that particular one is Wi-Fi or z wave, but yes, I want a thermostat that will switch one of those over Wi-Fi...

  hastelloy 11:42 31 Aug 2018

The Hive ones work through the router (I think it's wi-fi). There are also these Sockets but I don't know what their range is.

  Dumdoc 12:09 31 Aug 2018

The socket is not the problem - I have those already, and a Wi-Fi hub in the form of amazon echo. The problem is finding a thermostat that will communicate with the socket...

  Dumdoc 19:35 31 Aug 2018

Yes IFTTT is a possible solution that I hadn’t though of.. thanks!

  compumac 20:27 31 Aug 2018


  Dumdoc 00:23 01 Sep 2018

Anyone called Sinclair C5 has to be genuine!

  compumac 07:45 01 Sep 2018

Queen Victoria:-

"Methinks thou dost protest too heartily"

  Dumdoc 08:20 01 Sep 2018

Methinks you should attribute that quote to William Shakespeare (actually “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”) spoken by Queen Gertrude in Hamlet.

  compumac 09:12 01 Sep 2018

Methinks that you are correct.

I stand corrected, albeit I understand that Victoria did make the observation.

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