Smart Media Format

  ExPara 20:55 18 Nov 2004

I have a 128MB Smart Media card that I use in my Fuji camera. I downloaded the photo' files onto my computer via my card reader. I went on to delete the files from the SM card while it was in the card reader. After putting the card back into the camera, the information screen displayed "Card Error". The camera advised me to format the card. The camera will not format the card so I am unable to use the card in the camera. I can use the card as a flash drive in the card reader with no problem. I have read previous threads in the forum on the same subject but have not been able to find a cure. One of the threads suggested using Windows to format the card in FAT16. My Windows XP will only allow me to format in FAT32. I will be grateful for any info' that anybody can give me.

  stalion 21:26 18 Nov 2004

What is the model of your Fuji camera?

  alan9900 22:02 18 Nov 2004

I had same problem with my olympus e10 had to format the card in a friends camera i think was a fuji finepix camera and now works fine,can you borrow another camera and reformat the card ?

  ExPara 11:29 19 Nov 2004

My camera is a "Fuji FinePix 4700 zoom", showing it's age now but works fine using another SM card. Off hand, I don't know of anybody with a camera the uses SM cards. If there is no other remedy, than your suggestions, I will just have to wait until I find somebody with a camera that uses SM. Thanks for your time anyway.

  Curio 18:48 19 Nov 2004

Call in on your local Jessops. They will no doubt be very helpful, taking your camera and card with you

  hssutton 18:58 19 Nov 2004

Reinsert the card in your reader. Right click the drive, select format, you should see a drop down box in the format box, select "Fat" and reformat.

  ExPara 19:40 19 Nov 2004

Tried your fix just as you discribed, it didn't work. I will have to follow the advise of Curio and get myself along to Jessops. Thanks.

  ExPara 19:42 19 Nov 2004

I will try to pop along to Jessops at the weekend. Thanks.

  Curio 22:48 19 Nov 2004


  ExPara 21:37 22 Nov 2004

All sorted. Went along to Jessops, they were busy, so I called into Boots Photographic Dept'. They were most helpful, opened a new boxed camera, set it up, tried my card, found that it needed formating and duly went ahead and formated my card. I still don't understand how my camera wouldn't format the card. However, this info' may be helpful to some other SM card user. Thanks again.

  Curio 18:09 23 Nov 2004

Glad to hear you are up and running again :o))

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