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'Smart home' heating control questions

  stlucia2 20:15 28 Apr 2020

I've been looking at the Hive smart heating control system but, on checking with Hive's help line, I've discovered that if is loses its WiFi signal it needs to be manually re-started when WiFi comes back. That's not much help if I'm away at the time.

The reason it's significant to me is that a couple of years ago when I was abroad my tp-link automatic lights stopped working after about two weeks. When I got home I found that it was because my WiFi had stopped. Powering my Netgear Nighthawk router/wifi/modem off and back on sorted everything, and the lights re-established their links. So I now have the Netgear on a timer switch so that it goes off for one hour each night. That way my tp-link lights and, now, cameras have kept going for a couple of 8-week absences.

Is there any other smart heating control system similar to Hive that will automatically re-establish its WiFi link if it's been broken?

  compumac 21:06 28 Apr 2020

I have had Hive Home heating for some years now and cannot remember an occasion when there has been a power cut and having to reset my Hive heating manually.

Perhaps then I have been lucky.

  stlucia2 21:50 28 Apr 2020

I haven't had a power cut either -- it was just that my Netgear's WiFi stopped for some reason. A power cut is no problem with the WiFi, lights, and cameras I've currently got, for everything reboots and reconnects automatically once the power comes back. That's what I would like my home heating system to do, which Hive tell me their's doesn't do.

  compumac 22:12 28 Apr 2020

What I was indicating that with the power cut everything stopped functioning but all started and reconnected without ant input from myself, including my Hive heating.

Is not your Netgear's stopping the same scenario?

  stlucia2 08:06 29 Apr 2020

Thasnks compumac, I thought you meant you don't remember having a power cut, not that you don't remember having to manually re-start your Hive.

My WiFi stopping was not quite the same thing, for I don't believe there was a power cut at that time. If there had been, it would have re-started without any external intervention, like it did when I got home and switched off its power and then switched on again, and like it does now when my timer switch powers it down for an hour every night. So, given your experience, either the Hive person I spoke to was wrong about it needing to be reset manually, or loss of WiFi without loss of power causes a problem. He said the heating will keep running at the same settings you set before the WiFi went down, and will be manually controllable from the thermostats, but you won't be able to control it from your phone even after the WiFi has come back, until you reset it.

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