SMART failure!

  hiwatt 16:44 22 Mar 2012

Hi folks.My brother's laptop when booting is saying "SMART Failure predicted on Hard disc 0:Hitachi.(Back up data etc)Warning a failure may be imminent.Press F1 to continue. When you press F1 it then boots to windows vista.There is no important data on the machine.I have done a factory reset,he just want's it functioning.I have ran chkdsk.Is there anything else I can do to stop this message(bar replacing the hard drive) as the drive "seems" to be fine once booted to windows.I also ran sfc /scannow which found some corrupt files but was unable to repair them?Any help/advice is much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:10 24 Mar 2012

No disks because repair facility on hidden partition on Hard drive.

Its important to burn the backup disks on a new machine in case of hard drive failure.

Windows hasn't installed correctly because of bad sectors on the drive predicted by SMART.

Replace the drive

Borrow or burn a Windows DVD (Vista?) and install using the windows key off the sticker on the laptop. (bet that's missing or badly worn aswell)

If your lucky you may be able to clone the hidden partition off the old drive onto the new drive using another machine and then invoke the factory reset when fitted into the laptop.

  Terry Brown 13:22 24 Mar 2012

After your latest reports, it is obvious that the Harddrive is Dying. Get a new drive as soon as possible, and if possible copy (or clone ) the data to the new disk.

The SMART software is not on the BIOS, it is build into the Harddrive, which is why you cannot find it in the BIOS.

After tranferring any data you want to keep, you could try a low level format

to try and repair the disk but no guarrantees. A standard format does not touch the first and last 255 btes of data, where drive infomation is stored, where a low format formats from byte 01 to last byte.

  KRONOS the First 13:45 24 Mar 2012

Your were well warned that you might be having serious issues with your HDD so you really should have replaced the drive.

  lotvic 17:32 24 Mar 2012

Windows Vista Direct Download Links (Digital River is Microsoft's official distribution partner, so these downloads are secure and legit) hopefully the version you need is still available to download - not all of them are now.

"Important notice: Windows Vista will reach its end of life on 10 April 2012. That'll probably mean the end of this download source as well. So don't wait too long to download, and remember to back up the files"

  hiwatt 19:45 24 Mar 2012

@Chronus there is no real need to back up the drive as there is nothing at all on it. My brother knows the laptop is on it's way out and is a few years old anyway!He just wants it to surf the net untill he can get a new one.There is nothing important going on it.I managed to reset it to factory settings and install avast etc it's just that when installing "certain" updates it's reverting back to factory install without any other options.Might have to install the updates one by one to see which one it is that's causing the problem.Thanks for the help folks.

  rdave13 20:13 24 Mar 2012

What's happening, I think, is the HDD can load a certain amount of info then dies. Once you start updating then you start using more of the HDD space. It's not a particular update just the volume of data being used. Won't last much longer I think as it sounds as it's fading away the more you use it.

  KRONOS the First 20:41 24 Mar 2012

Why on earth should you think I told you to back up the HDD. All you need is a cheap replacement and then reinstall Windows. The drive is failing end of.

  lotvic 21:03 24 Mar 2012

"He just wants it to surf the net untill he can get a new one"

OK, he can surf the net for as long as the harddrive lasts. Personally I wouldn't waste my time trying to nurse a dying drive.

I misunderstood, I thought you meant a new harddrive, seems that you meant a new pc.

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