Smart Card problem when logging onto a website

  xDarence 16:18 01 Apr 2018

I have a very specific problem. When I try to login onto a website (using IE 8 on Win7) with my ID card, I get a alert window: Unexpected error: Failure to evaluate AppletLoaded(). I have all the needed drivers, all programs on computer recognize my ID card and I can even sign documents with it. Programs I am using: TrustEdgeID eDocSigner Celik+ (shortened for id card reader in my lang) Java 8 ver 161 Windows redist 2008

When I'm on work, I have no problems signing in...

  rdave13 16:49 01 Apr 2018

No idea about Smart cards login but still using IE 8 on Windows 7 is asking for trouble.

  xDarence 17:36 01 Apr 2018

It works with IE11, but on the work it works with IE8, so I'm just curious as to why. Thanks for advice mate! P.S. It works ONLY with IE, other browsers don't work...

  rdave13 17:47 01 Apr 2018

I'm lost with what you ask.

It works with IE11, but on the work it works with IE8


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