Smart Card Formats

  [DELETED] 11:59 27 Aug 2003

My daughter has a Phillips 9700 transcription unit she uses to type out previously dictated memos.

This is a digital unit which uses an 8mb smart card that is not compatible with other systems.

Whilst setting up to do some work she mixed up the card with some other smart cards she uses on the computer and put the Philips smart card into the computer smart card slot.

I think that she opened explorer and clicked on the drive then realised her error because nothing was showing.

On returning the card to the Philips transcription unit it asked if the disc should be formatted. In other word the machine didn't recognise the media and she had lost her work,

It's a nuisance but the real question is why did it happen, or rather what happened in the computer smart card reader to make the transcription unit want to re-format the card?

If this is a natural function that happens when such mistakes are made that's fine but I just want to make sure that there is not a fault on the computer, which works fine with other smart cards by the way.

My daughter won't make the same mistake again, we learn by our errors, and it might be a warning to others to take better care when using smart media of various systems.

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