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Smaller tablet to replace iPad 9.5 inch 2013 model

  Badger35 17:55 20 Aug 2018

I am looking for a smaller tablet than the one I currently use. I do not want to pay top dollar for a new iPad as my needs are very basic. I use my iPad to:

Surf the net Use social media Check emails Take photos

I DO NOT: Stream films, TV, etc. Listen to music Read books Use lots of apps

My main requirements are: Is smaller than my current model That the sim card is compatible That the camera takes really good pictures Is reasonably priced

Any suggestions please? I am in the UK.

  Badger35 19:53 20 Aug 2018

Way too expensive for my basic needs.

  john bunyan 21:11 20 Aug 2018

Have a look here; get a micro SD card with it.


  john bunyan 21:14 20 Aug 2018

NB Not SIM so works via wi fi

  Badger35 17:31 21 Aug 2018

OK, so I have been doing some research. It seems my best option is the iPad mini 4 CELLULAR version. However, this comes with a whopping 128 GB storage. My current iPad has 13 GB storage, and I do not even use all of that.

Is there an iPad mini 4 cellular version with less storage (and hopefully cheaper) version available?

  Maria Kaylene 18:55 21 Aug 2018

There's no available less storage version for iPad mini 4. Try looking at the specifications of iPad mini 3. It is compatible with simcard slot and is also available in 16 GB storage. I think this will pass your requirements, so try checking it out.

  john bunyan 19:44 21 Aug 2018

Do you use the SIM often? If at a house surely wi fi is ok. The need for a SIM restricts your choice considerably .

  john bunyan 20:21 21 Aug 2018

Because it restricts choice and usually SIM tablets are dearer and there are fees to pay for the SIM. I use an iPhone for mobile surfing etc but our iPad is wi fi only.

  Badger35 21:02 21 Aug 2018

I need cellular as I use it most on my 2-hour commute to work via bus/train where there is no WiFi.

Can I rely on a refurbished earlier model? The word 'refurbished' rings alarm bells.

  Badger35 21:10 21 Aug 2018

Is there much difference in the camera between iPad mini 3 and 4. My main requirement is a decent camera.

If 3 has a good camera, here would be the safest place to buy a refurb please?

  Badger35 07:57 22 Aug 2018

Thanks for the link to the Apple Certified Refurbished site!

All sorted now Thanks every one!

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