Small upgrade from an Nvidia GT610?

  yenzao3 16:47 12 Jan 2017

Hi. My GT610 recently broke after about 4 years and I am going to replace it but I would like to know if my PSU would be able to handle a small upgrade.

Here is my PSU click here have had my eyes on a GTX 750TI but after some some google searches I have found out that my PSU would not be good enough due to my PSU wattage only being 300W and my +12V rail 12A not being good enough I think. I'd like to know if this is actually true. And if it is true then what would be the biggest possible upgrade my PSU could take?

Current Specs: Zoostorm, Mini tower Form Factor, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Intel Core i5-3330 Processor 3.20 GHz, Nvidia GT 610, 4GB RAM, Hard Drive 500 GB, DVD-RW Optical Drive

I know the specs are far from amazing but I have been very satisfied gaming with these specs but it would be good if I could have a little bit better of a graphics card. Anything that is a bit better than the GT 610 would be great. So yeah, any suggestions on something a bit better than a GT610 that my PSU can handle would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  wee eddie 17:27 12 Jan 2017

Think of adding extra RAM, say another 4GB. As well as a 450 watt PSU. Then buy a second hand Graphics Card. Could give you a bargain boost

  Bris 19:39 12 Jan 2017

The GTX 750TI draws a very modest 60W from the PSU and according to Nvidia the minimum system PSU is 300W so you should get away with it but longer term its worth considering upgrading your PSU. Its also worth checking to see if the card you are considering requires a 6 pin or 8 pin additional power connector (probably not) but if so has your PSU the requisite cable.

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