Small squeeky noise

  TrevNI 11:59 22 Jul 2003

I have a Gateway Tower Machine which has recently started giving a squeeky noise not unlike the noise made by a small bird.
It happens when I am doing something and the computer accessed the hard drive and also sometimes when the computer is idle. Definitely gives the impression that something inside needs a "drop of oil". Any ideas on the cause and what to do ?

Thank you.

  Inky 12:12 22 Jul 2003

Could it be the fan on the CPU or graphics card?

run the system for a short while with the side panel off to see if you can ascertain the exact source of the noise, clean any gunk off the fans while its open. if its a fan making the noise ,and cleaning it doesnt help, some fans have a small hole for lubrication but a replacement wont break the bank.
if the noise is eminating from the hard drive and is significantly different from any noise it previously made then perhaps you have cause for concern. make sure you have a full system backup and purchase a new haed drive ASAP . the old one may not give up the ghost just yet but you will be covered if it dies.
one question though, Have you or any software changed the settings for your drive, from minimum acoustic output to maximum performance? this can dramatically increase the noise.

  plankton 12:16 22 Jul 2003

It sounds as though you may have a fan bearing on its way out, but of course if you open it up and a bird flies out, I'm wrong!

  TBH1 12:35 22 Jul 2003

Small squeeky noise - - -you ain't got another mouse in there have you ???

  plankton 13:18 22 Jul 2003

Sorry TrevNI, didn't mean to start a string of very old jokes... I do think it's probably the fan though. Horiz5 idea of making a backup is a good one anyway, just in case it's worse....

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