Small Screen on Windows7

  platters 11:48 25 Dec 2010

I have bought a new desktop with Windows7 on.I have a problem with the width of the subject on my screen ( HP w2207)on the web i:e Firefox and I/E.I have approx 3" gap down either side of the screen.I have tried adjusting the screen resolution but that did not work. I had no problems with my screen and my very old PC on XP,the screen was filled completly.
Something needs tweeking,but I don't what.

  woodchip 12:07 25 Dec 2010

Its got to be a resolution problem, so you are looking in the right direction. as web servers set there pages to certain resolutions. but think that it should not have gaps on both side, in PCA on my HP510 Laptop running at 1280x800 it as a black border or about 1.5 inches both side Monitor set to 60 Hertz on the laptop

  woodchip 12:08 25 Dec 2010

PS I am using Flock browser that uses the Firefox Engine

  platters 10:06 26 Dec 2010

Hi Mike,Firefox,I/E,PC Advisor etc just sits in the middle of the screen with a gap of 4" either side to the edge of the screen.(I have just mearsured
either side with a rule).I tried reducing the screen resolution to its lowerest in steps.It was better,but still a gap ( which I never had on my old XP desktop)Is it something I have to put up with on windows7?

  chub_tor 12:27 26 Dec 2010

That sounds pretty normal to me, some webpages - including PCA have a band on either side for advertisements etc. If you use Adblock or similar as I do, then all you will get is a black band either side. It happens with all my websites although some blend in the background better than others. A Webpage is usually a little larger than the width of an A4 sheet of paper while most modern monitors are a lot wider. If you artificially stretch the web page to fit the screen you will either distort it or find that you will need to do a lot of scrolling down to get to the bottom of the page.

  woodchip 15:12 26 Dec 2010

PCA site as boarders but your Browser Window Menu should be right across the top of the screen

  platters 10:59 27 Dec 2010

Hi Everyone.Thanks for your help.I have put the screen resolution to 1152x864 and it looks a lot better.

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