Shadow 2 23:27 26 Apr 2005

SINCE RETURNING FROM CANADA, dell laitude laptop will not charge, will run on mains but only has 640X480 screen sized about 4"X3" in its centre.

I suspect the batttery to us, but dont want to spend £85.00 and find that it has further problems.

Can anybody confirm (or not) likly cuase to be battery which a new one will cure.

  TomJerry 23:32 26 Apr 2005

right click on desktop, select properties, setting, and they figure out from there, you may need to select advanced

  Shadow 2 23:58 26 Apr 2005

Yes i have checked all screen proerties, none of which will change all are greyed out, checked bios, power management, hardware devices,

seams to be due to using laptop in canada, something to do with differant power?

Its quite important as it is my daughters laptop, who is blind a depenadant on it and has little mony to waste.

Screen size may seam strange for a blind person, but is causing problems with screen reading software

  AubreyS 00:50 27 Apr 2005

Whilst pressing the blue FN button, next to the left-hand Ctrl button, also press the F7 button (also has Font on it) That may do the trick.

  TomJerry 10:01 27 Apr 2005

almost all laptop power supplier can auto-sense to adapt

  Shadow 2 22:58 03 May 2005

Thank you for the tip Aubrey, its worked, I wasnot sure if I had two problems or just one causing the problem.

Hopefully with a new battery My daughter will be up and running.

If you have time could you explain the tip?

Many Thanks again
Shadow 2

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