Small Office Help Pls

  mobad 04:18 06 Sep 2008

There's a small office which consists of around 2 desktops and 4 laptops.
The setup is as follows -
Desktop 1 = File Server (wireless to the laptops and wired to the other desktop.
Desktop 2 - Used for accessing files of server using Ethernet and for imaging, emailing and browsing.
Laptops are all are networked wirelessly to each other, have a file share from the server and connect to the server using RDC.

At the moment the wireless is pretty slow when accessing files from the server and the laptops/computers have become slow as well when opening files locally.

Im not sure the exact spec of the desktops but they are around 4-5 years old Dells with around 2.77Ghz and 1 gig of ram.
The laptops around 1.7Ghz and 512mb of ram.

I was thinking of maybe getting rid of one of the 2 desktops and investing in one High spec desktop which could act as the server and be used simultaneously for image editing etc.

The setup need to remain without wires in the office, so is there any other way we can have the current setup wireless faster?

Finally we require a security camera that records to the hard drive if some one was to break in and one that we can monitor from any computer that has internet.
What would be the best type of wireless security camera?

Oh and just to point out the current setup is not a windows server environment just a very basic windows networked environment through a small business linksys router.

  mobad 04:23 06 Sep 2008

Just to point out there are 2 desktops at present as the server has an application which all the laptops need to access but as it ain't a networked application it can only be accessed on the server hence the Remote Desktop Connection from all laptops.

Current problem is only one laptop can view/control it at a time and if we want only 1 desktop acting as server and general desktop, how will we be able to access that application still while doing other tasks on the desktop? (Will we still require a 2nd desktop then?)

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