Small font on certain sites

  Tango18 20:49 11 May 2009

Using a DELL laptop wwith Vista home premium, on google and ebay the font on the page has been reduced to nearly unreadable. It's fine everywhere else, any clues as to why? TIA

  exodus 22:49 11 May 2009

I suspect you inadvertently altered the size and the browser cache has memorised the settings for those sites.
Which browser are you using?

  mooly 07:27 12 May 2009

Anything to do with IE8 ? If using IE8 (or7) check in "page" on the toolbar that text size is set to largest. If IE8, I have the "zoom" at bottom right set to 112% custom to make text appear similar to using IE7. Messed up font's was one of my major moans with IE8.

  Tango18 00:32 13 May 2009

Using firefox browser

  robin_x 15:26 13 May 2009

I had same problem playing cards in Yahoo!Games.

Turned out it was my Java VM (Virtual Machine)software.

Microsoft took over Java VM from Sun(?) 2 or 3 years ago..and its supposed to be compatible but it wasnt for me.

I Googled for Sun Java and eventually found a download

Try this...dunno if it is the MS version or Sun
click here

  exodus 20:31 14 May 2009

With Firefox, go to the web page that is causing the problem. To enlarge the web page fonts, hold down the Control key and then rotate the mouse wheel to enlarge. If you do not have a mouse wheel, then hold down the Control key and then press down the "+" key. Repeatedly pressing the + key will continue to enlarge the fonts. The minus key reduces the font size.

Set to the size you require, close down the browser and open again. Visit the problem web page to see if the problem is resolved.

Let us know how it goes.

  rsignals 22:13 14 May 2009

Exodus - brilliant! This old dog just learnt a new trick! Thank you.

  laurie53 07:37 15 May 2009

Don't know which browser you are using, but some of them have an option for "Use my Colours/Fonts"

  Tango18 16:44 15 May 2009

Thanks exodus your solution worked perfectly, must have caught the buttons with my palms. Tango 18

  exodus 20:26 15 May 2009

Tango18 & rsignals

Glad to have helped. Thanks for the update.


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