Small FAT partition on NTFS drive

  ventanas 09:06 02 Jun 2004

Just installed a second hard drive on a new Dell Dimension 4600 this morning. On going into disk management to sort it out I noticed that the system drive (C) has a small (47mb) FAT partition with no letter. It is labelled EISA Configuration.

I have also checked another Dell machine in the office, and this has the same partition.

Is this something parculiar to Dell? Grateful for any info anyone may have on this. Particularly do I need these partitions. A quick Google search would suggest its something to do with the old ISA bus.

  recap 09:28 02 Jun 2004

Yes, it's part of Dell's back up facilities or something like that for restoring the O/S.

  ventanas 09:31 02 Jun 2004

Thanks a lot, I understand now. I will leave well alone.

  recap 09:56 02 Jun 2004

All the options for the drive are greyed out by Dell so you could not do anything with it, the only thing available is help.

It is annoying as they take up a partitions for 31MB and only then use around 5MB of that.

  ventanas 11:00 02 Jun 2004

Thanks recap. Grateful for your help.

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