Small electric shock from laptop

  ashleycardwell94 00:35 19 Nov 2013

Hi guys, so heres the situation. im lying in bed with my laptop on top of me on the covers. cpu fan isnt even running because the laptop is so cool.

Lenovo Z570. The laptop has a "Gun metal" like shell. every now and again, the metal surface feels fuzzy, remove the power adapter, funny feeling on surface goes. Even if the power adapter isnt making a proper connection, i can still feel the fuzzing. but when power adapter is removed, it stops.

It didn't really bother me until my finger and bridged the surface between the palmrest and touchpad. It was very painful and has made me wonder what voltage is coming through the palmrest. I kept going over the same part and it isnt anything sticking up, the the bridging thats causing the pain in my finger. Apart from that, it doesnt bother me and when the laptop is on a desk or other hard surface i cant sell the fuzzyness. But even if i am holding the laptop in the air, i can feel fuzzing if i run my fingers over the palmrest. but again, power adapter removed, it doesn't do it. Laptop just over a year old and has been doing it from new.

  sharpamat 08:32 19 Nov 2013

This is clearly to me a problem that should have been sorted whilst still under warranty. The fact that it wasn't, and is getting worst ( you are now getting minor shocks ) to me would be a worry.

The problem could be either the charger or the laptop, These require checking by a fully qualified Computer expert. And their report retained.

You should inform the makers who will be aware of any issues .

Hopefully you have made a backup of all your personal data

My advise would be NOT to use or CONNECT TO THE MAINS until an expert declares it safe to do so

  wee eddie 09:40 19 Nov 2013

While I agree with sharpamat, I think that you may have some recourse to the Manufacture. I will await sharper Legal Minds than mine to offer solutions on that.

Meanwhile: Do not use the Lappy, while it is directly connected to the Mains, but I think that the risk of injury, from the battery alone, is infinitely slim even if you have a weak heart!

  spuds 12:21 19 Nov 2013

I have just put "lenovo z570 electric shock from case" in a Google search, and a number of suggestions came up, including those from the Levono Community Forum.

Here's one remark regarding earthing and two pin plug?.

  spuds 12:27 19 Nov 2013

The link doesn't appear to work, try the Google "lenovo z570 electric shock from case" and link from there.

  Bris 18:32 19 Nov 2013

I had a similar problem with an external HDD enclosure that had a brushed aluminium case. I exchanged it for another which had exactly the same problem. I have been using it for many years with no problems.

I think the problem here is static electricity. This is defined as a difference in charge between two objects which when connected results in a rapid discharge from one to the other thus bringing them into equilibrium. This rapid discharge can result in a shock if one of the objects happens to be you but is harmless.

What I believe is happening is that when your laptop is running from the battery then the charge in you and the laptop are the same as you are both in the same environment and can both be highly charged without realising it. When you connect your laptop to the mains the charge which is in the laptop discharges to earth via the line chord but as you are still highly charged any contact between you and the laptop will cause a discharge either a slight tingle or where there is a significant difference in charge a shock. This can arise because different parts of the laptop will have a different charge depending on the composition of the parts and which parts are earthed.

Having said all of the above I would hesitate in advising you to ignore the problem as I am not an expert and would not wish any harm to arise from any of the information given above if my diagnosis is incorrect.

  ashleycardwell94 21:44 19 Nov 2013

thank you for all your posts guys. I am using a 3 Pin plug. The brick has what i call a shamrock connector. I also found this post: [Dell: Don't Worry About Laptop Electric Shocks][1]

[1]: "YooHoo" ""The voltage does not present any risk of injury to the user," the company said." "Earlier this year, users began noticing the voltage issue with Dell 9400 laptops"..."and other notebooks with aluminium cases." The only reason the tingling now hurts is because i have cut my hand. Can't be static as its not shocks, its like a fuzzy surface to the laptop. There are no rapid discharges, just a constant fuzzy feeling to the surface of the laptop when plugged in. Please consider this issue resolved.

  woodchip 22:16 19 Nov 2013

is it the hard drive you can feel when its spinning or a cd in the laptop

  lotvic 22:32 19 Nov 2013

ashleycardwell94, that is an interesting link you posted, I note it says "Some users who have complained of the tingles or shocks have been supplied with a three-pronged - that is, earthed - power adapter, which solves the problem."

  wee eddie 07:36 20 Nov 2013

Miller999 is a Spammer: FE told

  woodchip 22:36 20 Nov 2013

But what do you connect to the Earth Prong if its only a two wire cable

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