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Small dialogue box keeps popping up.

  PCpheonix 05:22 02 Jun 2017

A small dialogue box keeps popping up in the top left of screen one, and it always closes any full screen apps I have going at the time. Any ideas what it is or how to find it? Getting really annoying.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:30 02 Jun 2017

A small dialogue box keeps popping up...........Any ideas what it is...

Nope. It could be anything. If you can post a screenshot then that would be really helpful.

...........or how to find it?

There are free third-party tools available that can sometimes identify what launched the pop-up but I first need to see what this dialogue box looks like.

  PCpheonix 23:52 02 Jun 2017

Haha me too its gone as quick as it comes, that's why I got no idea.

  lotvic 00:14 03 Jun 2017

Might be something to try or check, on this thread I found click here

  Secret-Squirrel 08:31 03 Jun 2017

..... its gone as quick as it comes............

It's not a dialogue box then ;)

A dialogue box prompts the user for an answer to a question and stays there until it's done.

  q33ny 19:21 03 Jun 2017

Check your system for malware. I suggest malwarebytes. Check for updates for windows and malwarebytes.

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