Small "Copy/Paste" in e-mail

  roygbiv 16:29 24 Nov 2003

Can some one shed some light on this,

write text in word, copy, paste into Hotmail
result blank email sent.

write text in word,copy, paste into Outlook Express .
Result (some readers) recieve a blank email.

I am i thinking this because some people i send to, havent got Word 2002 ????????????.

  anchor 16:41 24 Nov 2003

Strange: I have just copied text from a word doc, into both Outlook and Outlook Express, sent to myself, and it came through fine.

I am using Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 6, and Office 2003.

  terminus 16:48 24 Nov 2003

Depending on you're OS, there are variables.

Write text into note-pad and send it where you like.

  roygbiv 16:52 24 Nov 2003

I forgot to say i am using XP, perhaps that might upset things.

  roygbiv 16:59 24 Nov 2003

Just tried some text in word copy/paste to Outlook Express and to Hotmail. It was OK.

So it does look like it may be becuase of different OS's !!!!!!!!!.

as terminus says use a plaintext editor such as notepad that way no formatting instructions will be added to the text when you copy it. that way it will remain compatible with everyone's systems.

  Stuartli 17:13 24 Nov 2003

Easier to configure OE to use plain text.

  roygbiv 12:46 25 Nov 2003

Many Thanks to every one.

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