small business computer system set up

  gibbs19 17:21 19 Apr 2010


If one was to start a small construction business with around 10 employees. 4 office based 6 field based.

How could i tackle these challenges?

1) Hardware Choice of computers ((1)Laptop, (3)desktop, and 6)PDA's)

2) Configuration (standalone or networked, server etc.) Detail specification (CPU type/speed, amount of RAM, size of HDD, modem etc.)

3) Peripherals and networking setup Detailed

4) Software Operation system

5) General application suite

Recommendations on hardware and software should be based upon mentioned size of business.


  wee eddie 15:43 20 Apr 2010

should be "Who" is going to maintain your set-up.

A freelance Engineer could do the trick, as it's unlikely to be a full time job. Just find that person and put the ball in their court.

If you parachute someone into a situation that was created without their input, you will be on the highroad to a life of excuses and denial of responsibility.

  gibbs19 19:05 20 Apr 2010


This was just a hypothetical question.

What type of equipment (specifics)would one require if they were looking at the described business plan?

  gibbs19 19:06 20 Apr 2010

this is a paper based project i am doing.

  wiz-king 21:15 20 Apr 2010

Sage payroll for pay of workforce of 20 bodies (I know you said 10 but 4 left in the first 6 month cos they didn't like the boss)
Sage line 50 -for financial control (invoicing, purchase ledger and VAT returns)
MS office or OpenOffice for general word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation.
AutoCAD for design & drawings
Remote access program to enable all machines to link to main desktop machine/server
Your 6 PDAs would need to be at least 10 if you want every one from the brickie upwards to have one (one was runover by JCB, one lost, one fell in the cement mixer etc0.

  gibbs19 18:39 22 Apr 2010

thanks wiz-king but i prefer all my employees to remain alive and kicking.

what technical name would you give to this type of hardware set up?

any more on the networking setup Detail?


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