Hetti 13:01 26 Feb 2010

After resetting my laptop to factory settings Im left with this problem. The laptop no longer connects to the internet unless it has the ethernet cable pluged directley into it.
In device manager there are two exclaimation marks next to SM bus/and Vidoe controller, I have tried updating the drivers but I get the message "Windows cannot update if you know manufacturer go to website" (i dont know manufacturer).
Can this be what is stopping my laptop from connecting without the ethernet cable?

  MAJ 13:36 26 Feb 2010

Hi Hetti. I already gave you (in your previous thread click here ) the link for all your drivers click here Install the chipset drivers. Use "SIW Standalone (English-Only)" click here to find the correct chipset your motherboard has.

  MAJ 14:03 26 Feb 2010

CPU-Z click here might be handier for you Hetti, run it and click on the "Mainboard" tab, it'll give you your chipset name in there.

  Hetti 14:37 26 Feb 2010

Yes the second link was easier for me.
This is the info I got
when I hit "Mainboard"

Manufacture Medion
Model E6210
Chipset INTEL GM 45/ICH-M
Sorry to be thick but I could not find this in the list, I presume it is this info Im looking for
Chipset INTEL GM 45/ICH-M
Im doing school run now be back soon and thanks so much for helping me

  MAJ 15:14 26 Feb 2010

Almost the same as my chipset, Hetti. Run the Intel® Driver Update Utility click here see if it can detect the drivers for you. It will probably tell you that you need to contact the manufacturer, but it's worth a try. Failing that, let us know the laptop's motherboard (use SIW), let's see if we can narrow them down. Also look for the name of your wireless adapter, see if we ccan find those too, to help you get back online wirelessly.

Away to do the school run myself.

  Hetti 17:18 26 Feb 2010

I did the update for chipset MAJ, but after reboot when I try to go online IE 8 opens then closes I then get the message "Internet explorer has encounterd a problem and needs to close" it then goes on to say windows is looking for a solution, then windows cannot solve this problem.

  MAJ 17:24 26 Feb 2010

Are there any problems reported in Device Manger now, Hetti?

  Hetti 18:01 26 Feb 2010

One prob reorted MAJ. thats SM bus controller

  MAJ 18:16 26 Feb 2010

Okay, Hetti, I assume your Network adapter is alright as well? See if Firefox click here will work for you.

  Hetti 18:53 26 Feb 2010

I cannot get online on my Laptop to install firefox (Im on hubbys right now) is it possible to download to disc then take it to my laptop to install it?

  Hetti 19:08 26 Feb 2010

I have firefox installed on my laptop now MAJ and its working just grate, so Im left with the problem of Lappy not working unlass it is using the ethernet cable, is the SM bus controller to blame?

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