Slow/freezing W98 256K Ram PC & malformed screen

  jgd 18:03 13 Oct 2004

Obliged for hints/tips how best to sort this recent set of Symptoms out:

2 Page Word doc now takes 60-90 secs to load. Similarily for Excel.

Similarly for Settings > Control Panel display. Similarily for saved-to-disc webpages.

Start >Shutdown sometimes gives message 'Program not responding etc' > Cntl/Alt/Del> End Task gives mssg 'Notification Wnd for RNadmin' and End Task then shutsdown. Mssg 'mprexe not responding' also seen.

Folder display close attempt by X at top rhs >frozen. needs Start > Shutdown to overcome with mssgs as above.

Attempt to close IExplorer > mssg 'Fatal error OE 0028 C0298213 in VXD VWIN32(05) . Shutdown mssg 'msgsvr32 not responding'.

If pc left for a while, screensaver display is malformed into linear solid slow moving object. Same applies to other displays inc AVG Antivirus!! (hopefully this is the best clue to the infection type?)

Printing attempt sometimes freezes system. Shutdown mssgs as above.
Printing seems slow as if data being passed in bursts to the printer.

Usb2 camera not now being seen by Kodak software.

Scandisc nearly completes but mssg 'Fatal error OE 0028 C00078C0 in VXD VMM(01) + 000068C0' and 'msgsrv32 not responding'

Defrag halts saying that scandisc reqd to correct errors.

Steps I have taken and other Notes:

Free AVG, latest update, has not detected any virus.
Adaware has not detected any spyware.
Hard disc usage as expected at 50% of 20GB.
Normal operation of MYOB accounts appn, Acrobat, MS Image appn, MS appns during straightforward typing etc

My current plan is to buy Trend Pc-cillin (recommended by PCA!) to be a firewall for the future and hunt down a virus missed by free AVG … but better ideas very welcome!

Thanks in advance, jgd.

  easyrider 20:15 13 Oct 2004

I may be way of the mark but it may be your hard drive on the way out.I do not think you have a virus, but what are you doing without a firewall.

  woodchip 20:41 13 Oct 2004

Have you loaded all Office patches, to remove Office bugs

  jgd 21:42 13 Oct 2004

Woodchip ... its a good thought .. I am up to date with W98 patches but Office needs checking up on. Thanks.

  jgd 21:46 13 Oct 2004

Indeed hope you are wrong .. certain freestanding applications are performing as before in all respects so indicates no drive problems?

Agree am dilatory re firewall but in my defense am still a 56kb dialup user!

  daisy2bell 21:47 13 Oct 2004

Do the scandisk and defrag in safe mode.
Do scandisk 1st in standard mode and set it to automaticaly fix errors. Then do a defrag

  daisy2bell 21:50 13 Oct 2004

I forgot to mention, that when mine (also win98SE 256K RAM) slows down, I wipe the hard drive clean and do a clean install. Then it runs perfect.
Don't forget to back up all your files etc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 13 Oct 2004

No Firewall then how do you know if a dialler has taken over your system? Could account for slow usage.

ZoneAlarm click here

Also need antispyware to find what else may be already on Adaware is good but back it up with Spybot Spybot S&D click here

Crap Cleaner click here use to clear out temp files and registry will help speed up the machine.

  jgd 20:19 14 Oct 2004

Daisy2bell... will try safe mode but complete wipe and reinstall is a bit challenging .. although this would presmably clear any virus lurking. PS my backup tape is currently in 'failed mode' so could be a delay!

Fruitbat ... speed problems are offline only .. net operation seems unaffected so not dialler. Have ZA but not installed as read review which indicated problematic but I will revisit. Also have Spybot which I will now give a whirl. Have look at Crap cleaner too!

Thanks to you both.

  easyrider 20:32 14 Oct 2004

Even when I was only on 56kb dialup I still had a firewall. First firewall I installed was free version of Zonealarm. No problems with installation or setup got full version within 2 months and have had no problems either with viruses,worms or trojans in last 3 years. I am praying that I am totally of the mark but if some sectors of your hard drive are damaged it may give the syptoms that you describe. Try as daisy2bell suggests and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Very hard to type this way.

  jgd 20:47 14 Oct 2004

Ok .. looks like scandisc is the next step but thinking back I suspect I may have run in Safe mode last time.

ZA has definite thumbs up from you!

Nobody has commented on the fatal error messages I originally gave .. they mean nil to me!

Also Start>Shutdown always now generates the 'Notification Wnd for RNadmin' End Task Dialog screen .. what does this indicate?


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