Slower evening internet speeds on Vista than XP!

  h2005uk 22:44 02 May 2010


My ISP is AOL and the internet speed drops from 7Mb during the day down to about 1Mb at night. That's just because AOL's like that on non-LLU. That's a different matter however.

During the day, my Vista machine and XP machines run at full speed. But during the evening, my Vista machine drops to about 0.7Mb (on average) but my XP machine tends to maintain a speed of about 1.5Mb. I know that doesn't sound like a massive difference, but when you have speeds that slow in the evening, it does make a difference. For example, iPlayer often works in the evenings on my XP machine but not my Vista machine.

I experience the issues even when both machines are connected to the router with a wire, so it's not a wireless issue. It doesn't matter what browsers I use either - it definitely seems to be an XP vs Vista thing.

Could anyone please help me sort out what might be going on? It's weird because it's only during the evening slowdown that the difference between the machines is obvious.

  rdave13 22:56 02 May 2010

Change ISP.

  h2005uk 22:58 02 May 2010

Thanks but that doesn't answer my question. I'm not looking to change ISP, I'm looking to find out what the difference is between Vista and XP. I'm stuck with AOL now and want to get the issue sorted. There's obviously some setting in XP or something that is different in Vista.

  rdave13 23:09 02 May 2010

As soon as you're "unstuck" with AOL, then change your ISP.
No difference in settings with XP or Vista.
Why accept throttling at evening. Talk to the foreign help lines if you can, state you are not getting connections at night. (Lie I know) Been there and done it. If the foreign person transferes you to the technical department then you have a chance. If you are fobbed off with male cow excrement then you are, um, not likely to get any results.

  h2005uk 00:01 03 May 2010

But surely there must be something that's causing the difference between XP and Vista? I'm happy with the evening speeds on XP - they're not too bad and don't normally go below 2Mb. It's when they go below 1Mb on the Vista machine that's the problem.

  rdave13 00:57 03 May 2010

With respect AOL seem, now, to be a bit behind the times, not only in supplying internet but in actually contacting their customers if ever their hardware become obsolete.
If you are happy with Microsoft's XP then stick with it. Not happy with Vista then run out your contract and change ISP.

  ellachan91 09:22 04 May 2010

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  Kevscar1 11:02 04 May 2010

Unlees you have different settings there is no reason for Vista to be slower. There was no difference when I changed over.

  john810 07:07 12 May 2010

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