Slow XP SP1 and Norton a/v

  steved 17:43 28 Oct 2003

Somebody mentioned that there was a known problem when running XP SP1 and Norton Anti-Virus - is there a solution? I'm running Norton Internet Security 2003 under XP SP1, and at times it's so slow it's painful!!

  accord 18:26 28 Oct 2003

no problems here with XP SP1 and NIS 2003.

Running it on XP2000, 512mb Ram, 40gb HD, All updates are up to date.

Do the Ctl + Alt + Del to look in Windows Task Manager for performance and PF usage. Mine is showing 141MB and CPU at 2% at the moment.

  accord 18:34 28 Oct 2003

just thought, have you got ad-aware and spybot installed on your system, if not then download them and their updates and do a system scan to see if ytou have any dialers etc.

click here and click here

  TommyRed 19:57 28 Oct 2003

If after running the above, as mentioned by accord, you find that you have lots of spyware try this click here spyware blaster which prevents most spyware being installed in the first place. HTH TR

  steved 20:19 02 Nov 2003

i have xp2000, 256mb ram - task manager shows 4% cpu usage and 195mb page file usage. Is that rather high considering I only have ie explorer and norton open? Oh yes, I'm networked to another pc too; should that make a difference?

Have run SpyBot and not really found much.

  accord 21:18 02 Nov 2003


similar figures to mine but i have an extra 256mb RAM. I would recommend adding an additional 256mb RAM, you should see an improvement from that.

If you havent installed ad-aware then do so as different spyware progs pick up different stuff. Also run disk clean up and defrag once a month to keep the HD in good condition.

  Gaz 25 21:24 02 Nov 2003

I would use click here - Panda Antivirus Platinum.

It is quicker than norton and has daily auto updates.

Trust me, it is an impressive antivirus solution.


  steved 17:04 04 Nov 2003

Extra RAM seems like a good option - arethere problems with adding an additional 256mb, eg does it have to be same make?

  FEISAR 17:26 04 Nov 2003

If your buying ram I would recommend you buy it from Pay more but experience less agro. Crucial ram is guaranteed to run with other makes and I have never heard of a problem with it. They also give excellent support and instructions in how to install it.

As another tip I would never try to run xp with less than 512mb unless it was for someone who didn't want to play games or use memory intensive applications. Which, lets face it, limits you to solitaire and surfing the net when using xp.

  FEISAR 17:28 04 Nov 2003

I also ran Nis but got fed up with all the other problems that Norton's software usually causes with Windows. Get a simpler Anti-virus and firewall there are plenty of free ones out there. I use AVG and Zone Alarm for hassle free computing.

  steved 09:27 05 Nov 2003

I'll give that a go - thanks everybody for your help.

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