Slow wireless speeds?

  Seadog 16:40 07 Oct 2008

I have a three pc's wirelessly connected via a belkin router to 20 meg cable broadband.
If I do a speed test from any one pc I get a speed of around 6000kbps, sometimes 8000kbps. (no other pc activity) However if I connect any one pc directly (via network cable - cat 5 or usb) I get 18900kbps.
The network adapters and router are running as 802.11g.
Is this a normal, expected result and could I improve on this by upgrading to the 802.11n which I believe is faster.
The network is only used to connect to the internet, not for transferring files between computers.
I do understand that a wireless speed test isn't all that accurate but just want to get the most for what I am paying for, a supposed 20 meg connection.
Any advice would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 18:52 07 Oct 2008

"802.11g" has a nominal data transfer speed of 54Mbps which, in practice, will be around 30Mbps. This should be more than sufficient to realise the full potential of your 20Mbps internet connection. However, interference may be degrading the wireless performance, so try changing the channel number in your router's settings and see if that makes any difference.

A "wired" ethernet connection will, of course, always be more reliable than a wireless one and it isn't susceptible to external interference.

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