Slow wireless speed but good cabled?

  gandysflipflop 11:18 15 Jan 2010

Hi All,
Can anyone answer why my broadband download speed drops by 8mbps when unplugging my ethernet cable and connecting wirelessly?
Just gone to ADSL2+ ( router compatable ) but standing right next to my router with my laptop and only 5mbps ( plugged in 13 !!) Thanks

  mooly 11:52 15 Jan 2010

Might be worth altering the channel the router works on... might be others nearby on same or related channels.
You'll have to consult the router manual to do that.

  gandysflipflop 12:03 15 Jan 2010

I'll give that a try. Thanks.

  Quiller. 12:26 15 Jan 2010

has probably hit the nail on the head with his reply.

One thing to take into account could be the standard of the laptops wireless chip. If it's just G standard, that might account for the drop in speed.

  Pineman100 12:32 15 Jan 2010

There are several factors that can affect the speed of your wireless connection, and make it slower than an ethernet connection.

Encryption of the wireless data flow slows it down - typically WEP will reduce the speed by something a third. Other factors such your wireless signal strength can also reduce the speed.

I presume you're using the 802.11g wireless protocol. If you were to upgrade your router to a new 802.11n spec, this would give you much faster data speeds - provided of course that you have an 802.11n adapter in your computer.

  Grey Goo 21:51 15 Jan 2010

click here

may be some settings could be changed.

  woodchip 22:21 15 Jan 2010

Try Running TCPOptimizer.exe on default settings just press the optimize button click here

  ashdav 01:54 16 Jan 2010

Wireless connections are only half duplex.
There is only one connection between the computer and router so there is alternate transfer of data and error checking between the two.
A wired LAN is full duplex and has separate wires for error checking so the transfer speed is not reduced.
That's why wireless is slower.
Hope that makes things clearer.

  woodchip 18:24 16 Jan 2010

My HP Laptop was on Wireless running Half Speed of Wired Ethernet Speed. When I ran the Program I posted to above, Speed now is nearly as fast as Ethernet, not much in it

  Technotiger 18:48 16 Jan 2010

Slow??? I wish I could get 2mbps even, on my wired BT Home Hub V2!

  Input Overload 19:01 16 Jan 2010

if someone in range is using say channel 11 you are sharing bandwidth with them. As above try a different channel. You will never get the same speed with wireless as with a cabled PC, but in reality the difference in real use is minimal & isn't worth worrying about.

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