Slow wireless on laptop - normal speed on desktop

  HMG1K 23:34 29 Apr 2010


When surfing the net wirelessly on my Sony Viao AW31M laptop there's a lag / delay on connecting to any website. The IE8 green progress bar fills up slowly. Then, after about 40 seconds, it loads the page completely as if all was OK all along.

This happen using wireless. However when I plug in a USB 3G dongle directly to the laptop I have no issue (this being 3g and not a broadband locked wireless connection.) However, when using a desktop PC, wirelessly and on the same network, I have no speed issues on the desktop PC.

I'm running Windows 7, with IE8, Zone Alarm and AVG Anti-Virus across all machines with the latest updates.

Is there anything I can do please?

Thank you.

  mgmcc 08:51 30 Apr 2010

What sort of performance do you get if you connect the Laptop to the wireless router by ethernet cable instead of "wirelessly"?

A USB 3G dongle is basically a "dialup" connection and, if "Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections" is set to "always dial my default connection, with the 3G set as default, this could be causing problems when the connection isn't available.

  HMG1K 09:01 30 Apr 2010

Thanks for your response, mgmcc.

If I'm plugged into the router, direct, my internet connection flys on the laptop.

If I connect the 3G USB dongle direct to the laptop, my pages load instantly - within seconds, certainly no 40 second delays

However, if I'm connected wirelessly to my 8MB home broadband connection or connected to the wireless 3G connection, there's a 40 second delay loading pages.

I've tried shutting Zone Alarm and AVG and it doesn't help. I'm thinking there may be a 'tick box' that IE8 (or some other program) is filtering my data loading.

I regularly run spyware cleaners and CCleaner.

The laptop is only 4 months old.


  mgmcc 10:57 30 Apr 2010

It appears that there is a problem with "wireless" connections, although I'm not sure how you're connecting wirelessly to 3G - are you using one of Three's "MiFi" Mobile WiFi routers?

Probably the first two things to consider changing are [a] the wireless "Channel Number" used in the router(s) and [b] the type of encryption used.

  HMG1K 11:03 30 Apr 2010

I'm using a T-Mobile wifi router for the 3G connection. :-)

Great - thanks for the tip off on the type of encrytion. I'm using WEP on the Belkin N modem / router box (always have done) and using a different type on the wifi router.

What is the best type of encryption type to use? Is there better (for connectivity / getting the best data speeds, etc) than WEP?

Thanks, mgmcc!

  mgmcc 13:43 30 Apr 2010

Try using "WPA-PSK with TKIP" or "WPA2-PSK with AES" and see what sort of performance you get.

  HMG1K 13:48 30 Apr 2010

Will do - thank you, and I'll keep you posted!


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