slow windows update downloads?

  Jaymz87 12:49 24 May 2005

has anybody else noticed that downloading updates from windows update has become painfully slow?

I am downloading some updates at the moment, that are a total of 22.4Mb, which would normally take about 10 minutes, but its been going for 20 minutes now, and is still only done about 2 meg.

It looks to me like microsoft need to update their windows update servers or something, unless everybody elses is OK, then its just me :P

Can you guys let me know if yours is slow as well?

Thanks, Jaymz

  PsiFox 13:21 24 May 2005

Just downloaded a 3MB file form update. It took less than 30 seconds so not slow for me.

  Jaymz87 13:27 24 May 2005


My updates are STILL downloading, and ive still got about 12 meg to go.

Does anyone know if there are any settings or reasons why it would be slow.

I am using BT Yahoo! Broadband at 1.1meg (cant get the 2 meg line in my area), I am not downloading anything else, the only thing running internet wise is windows update and this forum. Any chance it could be router settings? All other sites are fine, i can get download speeds of about 115kb/s everywhere else, so I don't see why windows update is so slow.

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