Slow win7PC Fast vista Laptop

  Ex plorer 14:20 07 May 2014

Hi I have a win 7 i5 6MB ram Dell Inspiron one, its over two years old now and is so slow it takes around 15 seconds to open Google and searching is about 5-8 seconds.

My lap top is Win/Vista 2MB ram and its instant in opening to Goggle and searching.

Line speed is 540kbps it used to be 1.5kbps.

I am with Tiscali and have been for many years I have there latest modem as my old BT2000 was not performing well. I may swap it back and see if its faster.

I use wireless connection 100% of the time but have tried hard wiring the Dell with no better results. Both PCs are within two meters of the modem.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

If any one can suggest what I might try before I do a factory reset.

  chub_tor 14:25 07 May 2014

Which web browser are you using? Is it the same one on both machines? Have you tried using Chrome or Firefox instead of the standard IE?

  Ex plorer 19:05 07 May 2014

Always use Fire-fox, I did try IE but it was the same result.

  chub_tor 12:51 08 May 2014

Personally I use Chrome, for me it is the fastest of all the browsers, but click here for some suggestions from Microsoft. It sounds though as if you have some add-ons running on one machine that you don't have on the Vista laptop. Have you checked that?

  Ex plorer 16:37 09 May 2014

Hi tried all above methods, Its just not performing at all IE, FF, GC, wired, and tried going back and safe mode.

I have tried a new install but that's proving difficult so I will now close this thread and start a new one with help to install win 7.

Thanks to all who are trying to help.

  Ex plorer 17:34 09 May 2014

rdave13 I never thought of that and would have gone down that street.

Jock1e tried CHKDSK but no go still slow.

Yes to your last question just found how to do it.

Re-set Dell Inspiron one PC all in one. Switch off PC Switch on computer and tap f8 untill you get an option screen from safe mode, go-back, repairs, backups, and a factory reset with or without back up.

I did make three disks when I first bought it, I think it popped up when I first switched it on. I also have just found the Diagnostics, utilities, and Drivers disk. That would have been handy.

Ok its finished the new install, would you allow the (auto updates and alerts), plus (system and usage data.) I have an option to tick the boxes as its just finished its install.

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