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  claluc 22:53 15 May 2010

I need some help with a fresh problem: until last week my system was stable and pretty fast considering I am in a rural area, then a problem on BT line left me without internet for 2 days, during this time as a fault finding procedure I was asked to uninstall/ reinstall modem drivers a couple of times( Speedtouch 330 on Virginmedia).
Since they have worked on it and problem was solved, the speed has increased from average 3.5 MBps to average 5 Mbp, all great you would think except that when I watch videoclips, be it Youtube or from any other source it is all slow with the pause fan appearing in the middle of screen every few seconds, with constant buffering, even a short video takes forever to watch.
Before this I could easily watch whole clips without interruption, irrespectively of the source site.
Downoloads are even worse, prior to the problem an average 10MB clip used to download in a few minutes, yesterday an 8MB clip toke 28 min!
Whole system has also become rather unstable wth regular freezes even out of web connection.
Suggestions welcome, this is doing my head in, all I have done is re-install modem which I had done lots of times in the past, how could this suddently affect the whole system?

  northumbria61 23:54 15 May 2010

Take your pick from this list -

click here

  northumbria61 00:03 16 May 2010

There's also a good bit of Software here - give it a try.

click here

  claluc 11:49 16 May 2010

Had my answer after contacting ISP and running real speed checks, line should go to 5 Mbps, mine is delivering 116Kbps!
Looks like BT has some work to do..

  northumbria61 11:54 16 May 2010

Well at least you now know it is down to BT - I hope it is soon resolved for you.

  claluc 14:21 16 May 2010

Thanks for your help.

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