Slow startup - Vista Desktop

  awest3 14:24 04 Jan 2010

I've noticed over the last month or so that my PC (Dell 530s, Vista Sp1, 4 gig memory) is taking along time to start up on boot. I run defrag, Malewarebytes, A squared weekly and Ccleaner every time I've been on the internet. I also run Advanced systemcare 3 on a weekly basis including the admin function which allows me to keep down to 2 the programs which run at startup. The disk seems to be chuntering for quite a while after startup but I can't see any app or process, in task mgr, which should not be running. I even got rid of AVG 9 and replaced it with MS Essentials to no avail. Only addition in the last couple of months has been an extra printer (wifi) HP6380.

Any thoughts always appreciated...

  GaT7 16:31 04 Jan 2010

It looks like you may have overdone things a tad with all those cleaners & tweakers.

Your best option may be to do a full system restore to factory settings, or a fresh install. Make sure to do a thorough backup before attempting either. G

  jamesd1981 16:40 04 Jan 2010

ive got tons of programs on my pc to have you tried taking your startup programs down to the bare minimum.

  GaT7 16:43 04 Jan 2010

"...have you tried taking your startup programs down to the bare minimum."

From the initial post:

"....the admin function which allows me to keep down to 2 the programs which run at startup."


  Woolwell 17:45 04 Jan 2010

Note that you haven't got Vista SP2. Any reason?

Otherwise concur Crossbow7 that you are overdoing it. I really don't think that it is necessary or desirable to run defrag after every time that you've been on the net.

How old is the system, when was it last cleaned and have you done a hard drive check?

  awest3 19:27 04 Jan 2010

Dont seem to have explained myself too well.

I only run defrag once a week

My start up programs are only 2 (ms essentials and firefly)

system is about 18 months old.

A disk check reveals no issues

The machine runs quite fast once started

Cleaning takes place on a weekly basis

Malwarebytes and asquared are virus checkers

Sorry it is at SP2 level...mistype

I use Acronis full backup system

Hope that helps

  Woolwell 21:10 04 Jan 2010

Malwarebytes free version is antimalware not anti-virus. However which version of asquared do you have? You should not have 2 anti-virus products on the same system.

  awest3 07:19 05 Jan 2010

you are of course quite right..!

I only have one anti-virus, ms essentials...

Latest version of asquared free..

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