Slow startup procedures?

  Housten 12:17 27 Aug 2011

Good afternoon, I was having a problem with a pen drive yesterday and tried it on my wife’s laptop last night. After I had played around on her computer, I thought that booting up had taken a long time, so as I was helped a few days ago about getting my computer to boot quicker I thought I would play smart-aleck and do the same on hers. However what I saw has made me realise that I may know a small amount of information but not nearly enough to deal with hers! So I hope some one will be able to tell what – if anything – is wrong/incorrect on hers and how to correct it! I started ‘msconfig’ and made some changes – I thought – to ‘Services’, but they have changed back to what they were before I ‘stopped’ them! I know she has dozens of these running, and I unticked some in order to stop them, but obviously not permanently so how do I stop them permanently, please? I had then gone on to ‘Startup’ and have the same problem, but also what I think may be a bigger one – or not! There is a programme called ‘HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run’ and it appears under ‘Command’ there is ‘C:\Windows\system32\igfxtray.exe’. However the ‘HKLM’ programme also appears against ‘C:\Windows\system32\hkcmd.exe’, ‘C:\Windows\system32\igfxpers.exe’ and these are all Intel programmes. However the ‘HKLM’ programme also appears against some Microsoft and others and what I would like to know is a) which if any should be disabled and b) how can these be disabled as there are some that definitely do not need to run at start up i.e. some of the other programmes. From earlier comments made to me only programmes like antivirus and essential programmes like that should be allowed to run at start up, because they slow start up and shut down procedures. Am I correct? Amy help/advice/information on what we should have, as I have just checked my ‘msconfig’ and I have some similar programmes, and what we should do will be very gratefully received. Even if it is ‘You are completely wrong and will muck up your computers if you touch any of the programmes!!’ I assure you all a ‘NO’ is just as important as a ‘Change this’ reply, so all comments are welcome. Many thanks in anticipation.

  birdface 12:42 27 Aug 2011

Now unless you know what you are doing I would leave services as they are unless someone tell you it is safe to turn it of or set it to manual.

If using W/7 just type services into the start bar and it will show just click on it.

If xp go to control panel. Aministration.[ There maybe some thing after administration it has been a long time since I used it].Click on services.

You can set individual programs to Automatic.manual or disable.

But if you make a mess of it you may make your computer worse.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:14 27 Aug 2011

msconfig doesn't work to well when setting services you need services.msc.

For a good view of what is required and what you can disable see Black vipers service configurations pick the link for your operating system and read the notes very carefully

  Housten 17:44 27 Aug 2011

buteman and Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

Many apologies for the delay in coming back to you but I have been involved in trying to sort out a 'problem' I thought I had on my desktop. I should have said ( but forgot ) that we both have Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, but you both 'worried' me to such an extent that I did have a very good look at 'Black vipers service configurations'. Between you all I think the best plan is to leave things well alone until I have had a thorough - not 'good' as that is not enough in my opinion - reading and understanding of what he says, and only do anything afterwards. So we will both stick with our present setups - possibly forever!! Although I will - I have no doubt - be asking queries/questions in the future!

Many, many kind thanks to both of you for taking the time and making the effort to reply to my posts.

  birdface 18:19 27 Aug 2011

Stop security programs running scans at start up.Program them to run at a different time.Or run them manually yourself.

You can always run sfc /scannow in command prompt to see if it finds anything wrong.You do not need the W/7 disc to run that.

And if you have plenty time to spare you can run chkdsk to see if that finds any problems and even do a defrag.

Run clean up to get rid of any rubbish that is no longer needed.

If you change anything at all in Services make sure you copy down how it was running before the change so that you can change it back if need be.

And of course run your security programs to make sure there is no problems on the computer.One with an anti-rootkit on it is preferred.

That's all little things to do if you get bored remember chkdsk will take about an hour or so to run and you cannot use the computer once it has started.

If you find I/E slow try Firefox instead.

  birdface 18:29 27 Aug 2011

If you were talking about programs you want to stop running at start up in msconfig you have to go into start up in msconfig and untick them from there.

Always safe to keep your security programs ticked but anything else you don't think should be running at start up you can untick them press apply and reboot.

A box with a little square should appear just tick the box and you will not see it again.

If you find that some of the things you unticked are needed just go back into msconfig and tick them again.

You may find something for wireless if you use that or something for the keypad they would need to be ticked.

Anything you are not sure of just Google it to see if you need it running or not.

  Housten 16:05 28 Aug 2011


Many thanks for your reply. Whilst my [ desktop ] computer seems mostly OK it is my wife's [ laptop ] that need ssome work on it!! i will follow your advice and hope she appreciates [ always a bit of a forlorn possibility ] the work and time to get it running better!!

Many thanks, again, for your advice and help.

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