Slow start up - XP

  penholder 01:22 09 Apr 2008

After the background picture (an ordnance survey picture of Glencoe)on my desktop is displayed the icons on the desktop and in the service tray are now taking a long time to display - in the order of two minutes. Have tried using msconfig to delete progs and process at start up (article in PC Answers Feb 2008) but this caused more problems so have restored to an earlier configuration. In the system config utility, under General tab, what should be ticked? Any ideas as to what might be causing the slow loading of icons, which on the desktop are mainly shortcuts?

  Acx 02:20 09 Apr 2008

Icons on the desktop are just that- Icons (so unlikely to be the problem) more like something in your tray or background that is causing the slow load.

I would go back to msconfig and click 'enable all', then take it a bit more slower with the unticking, be sure of what you are disabling with start up (some things must be loaded). If you are unsure, look at which folder the program is located, anything that says 'System' - leave well alone. If it says something like 'itunes helper' (a non essential start up program), you can untick it with out any problems.

  Acx 02:46 09 Apr 2008

The only other thing I have considered, is that Active Desk Top is running (IE your wallpaper - an Os Map (this is more common on older versions of Windows), if it is, disable it and set your Wallpaper to nothing (for the time being).

  penholder 10:40 09 Apr 2008

Have removed picture from desktop. Same problem.
Would Carbonite on-line backup cause the slow loading? Trial just finishing so will uninstall and check loading again. Then system file changes
Would a sound card adjacent to graphic card cause interference?

  birdface 10:43 09 Apr 2008

I take it you have run all your security programs and found nothing.What security programs do you have.maybe you have some set to run at start up.Maybe run C Cleaner or Defrag.You can try this free only repairs 10 items at a time.But you can run it as often as you like.It also has a Registry defrag with it and does an automatic back up.Your computer will run a bit faster after using it.

  birdface 11:02 09 Apr 2008

Oops forgot to post here I meant Security programs running at start up.Maybe run the at a different time.Anything in Taskmanager hogging the CPU.

  penholder 15:50 09 Apr 2008

Am using Steganos, Spybot and Adaware. Don't know if this is related but I get a single beep when booting up which according to my book this is a memory refresh timer problem. Have removed, cleaned the dust away, and replaced as suggested. Can't use one module to try and identify problem because they work in pairs. If still a problem the book states to replace with known good modules. Could it be a problem with RAM? PC works ok except for loading time.

  birdface 16:44 09 Apr 2008

Single beep is Ok.Thats what I get.I have 5 start up programs in many have you got running.If using IE7 try disabling all your add-ons see if it starts any quicker.If no better maybe better try that Winaso click here that I sent you just in case it is a registry problem.

  birdface 17:07 09 Apr 2008

Yes just a single bleep just tried it again to make sure.

  brundle 17:10 09 Apr 2008

Not a RAM problem. Plenty of `Slow PC` threads if you search the forums. click here for instance, follow Fruit Bat's advice.

  birdface 18:12 09 Apr 2008

Does Steganos have its own Firewall.If not which one are you using.Maybe try a system restore to a date before you had the problems.

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