Slow start up using Vista

  Spr 16:26 27 Sep 2008

On my laptop I am running Vista with 4gb of memory, with 40gb of the hard drive in use yet it still take up to 5 minutes to start up.
It has TV connection which I do not use I’ve been told some programs can be closed so start up is quicker.
If this is possible is there a step by step I can follow or an Idiots guide

  Clapton is God 16:31 27 Sep 2008

In 'Search' type msconfig

When msconfig comes up, go to the startup tab to see which programs/processes are running. This will help you to decide which can be disabled click here

  mocha 20:43 27 Sep 2008

Hi Spr
What are the Specs. of your Laptop eg.
CPU info
Hard disk size
Graphics Card size.

What Anti Virus, Firewall, Spyware programs are you using.

Have you recently updated the above programs and scanned your computer.

Hope this Helps.

  brundle 20:47 27 Sep 2008

Go to the start orb/search bar, type

perfmon /report

press return

Wait 60 seconds. It will tell you lots about your PC and what is making it slow. Perhaps not directly related to boot up processes - but check how many of the tasks that automatically run at start up are really needed as stated above.

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