Heefie 21:34 14 Mar 2004

OK, there is history here, but before I go into that and prejudice any possible replies, I'll describe this problem ... I currently have 5 windows open, MyIE2 (an internet explorer like browser), Itunes, Explorer, OE6 & Search ... If I type anything into my Search window it takes about 30 seconds (or more) for each character to get recognised. For instance, I type *.MP3 & 30 seconds the * will appear, maybe 40 seconds later the . will appear ... and so on !!! However, at the moment I can't even get into the Search window !!!
I've just closed Itunes, Explorer & Outlook Express and tried switching to Search ... it takes about 3 seconds to make the change !!! If I then click on the "Look in" box to choose my search it also takes 3-5 seconds to respond !!!
Everything else, whilst not as instantaneous as it was (as I said, something has changed, but I don't want to prejudice any suggestions !) is sluggish, ESPECIALLY when first booted up ...
Any ideas anybody ?!?!?!?

  Heefie 21:39 14 Mar 2004

Sorry, should have said, I'm using Win2k and an Athlon 1.4 with 1Gb memory ... now you see why I'm wondering why it's so slow !!!!

  Phil-204931 22:00 14 Mar 2004

One thing you can try and do is right click my computer, go to properties , then go to advanced and then performance options and make sure it is set for applications and change the page file size. Also maybe you need to upgrade your memory, if you have very little it will cause a bottleneck, causing the computer to run slower. also check to make sure you have no spyware with adaware or spybot, it sometimes causes a slow down.

  Phil-204931 22:02 14 Mar 2004

Sorry I see you have plenty of memory, also try doing a disk cleanup and a defragment it can help sometimes.

  The Spires 23:22 14 Mar 2004

Some of your problems are classic symtoms of being infected by CoolWebSearch try running CWShredder click here

  The Spires 23:30 14 Mar 2004

click here some info.

  Heefie 00:37 15 Mar 2004

Phil25 & The Spires, thanks for your suggestions ... I actually defragged last week and all ssems fine on the Spyware & Adware front .. I have so many bloody things running on this PC I'd be gutted if anything got through <g> !!!

The only thing that has changed, the thing I was holding back on, is that I have flashed the BIOS ... firstly with a file I was sent by CHAINTECH in Holland and secondly by a file I personally downloded from the CHAINTECH site that is DIFFERENT from the one I was sent !!!

However, I don't see how a BIOS flash could cause these problems !!!!!!!!


  Heefie 22:01 15 Mar 2004

Have been told by Chaintech that I should re-install my O/S to a re-formatted disk ... brilliant, just what I want to have to do when I run something that should work just fine !!!

To test this logic I've reformatted a smaller disk and have loaded Win2K onto there with the big disk, the one with all my data on it, disconnected.

I still get problems when rebooting and sometimes have to reset the PC 4 or 5 times to get it to react ... this MUST be a problem caused by the BIOS ... will I be able to go back and load OLD BIOS ?!?!?

  Heefie 10:18 04 Jun 2004

Yes ... I loaded the original BIOS and all was OK, thoguh Chaintech would have none of it, of course !!!!!

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