Slow Shutdown Windows 7 Tips

  cowgirl66 09:47 10 May 2010

Hi, having experienced a sudden annoyance of slow shutdown I searched Google and found a lot of suggestions referred to running system file checker. I did that and found no problems there. Since my computer's Startup was very quick I didn't see the point in going to msconfig and eliminating programs one by one, I'm too impatient.

Then I found some help suggesting I do the following and it worked for me, and here it is:-

Start > Control Panel > Performance and Information Tools> Advanced Tools.

Look in there and any software which is causing an issue with your Computer will be found in there with and exclamation mark.

Well I was gobsmacked to find it was Firefox causing my problem. Anyhow at least I know it's nothing serious.

So if you have slow shutdown in future, try looking in there.

Hope this helps,

Regards, cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 09:50 10 May 2010

Just a note to say, I could end Firefox in Task Manager before shutting down :-)

  Pineman100 11:58 10 May 2010

Interesting information, thanks cowgirl.

But why can't you close Firefox in tne normal way before shutting down the computer?

  robin_x 13:36 10 May 2010

Also see Ultimate Windows Tweaker

click here

Switch on "verbose" mode and get a running display of what your PC is up to during shutdown.

Also has another option "Delete Pagefile on shutdown". That slows shutdown a lot.

Lots of other things to play with too.
I particularly like my Start up and shutdown wallpaper now (view over a lake to mountain range- very calming)

  cowgirl66 09:10 11 May 2010

Well, I did shutdown Firefox in the normal way, but having had this slow shutdown problem and then found that it was Firefox which was hampering the process, I ran a little test. I closed the Firefox browser window, and then went elsewhere on my computer to waste a little time, such as files and pictures etc.

Then I went into Task Manager and saw that Firefox was still running. I did indeed end the process in there, or thought I had as I didn't stay to see. I shutdown the computer after that and still 2 minutes or so to do so.

  cowgirl66 09:16 11 May 2010

Thanks for that handy software, rob, I will use that if I can't find out why Firefox is doing this. I thought Firefox was supposed to be quick at browsing but obvioulsy not at closing down. At least, not for me!

  Pineman100 16:00 13 May 2010

That's interesting. I also run Firefox, so I tried to reproduce what you've discovered.

I looked at Task Manager>Applications while Firefox was running - sure enough it was there on the Applications tab. It also appeared on the Services tab.

I then shut it down, waited a short while and looked again - no mention of Firefox on either tab.

Is it possible that you had two instances of Firefox running, when you made your discovery?

  cowgirl66 09:42 15 May 2010

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, naughty of me.

Since I was here last I found Firefox to more naughty tricks, namely refusing to open at all from any source (taskbar, desktop icon, start menu) so I thought it was time to chuck it.

Surprise surprise, I couldn't uninstall it either. So I downloaded Revo uninstaller and tried that; it worked. Wiped the whole ****** lot off.

Then shutdown returned to normal!

I have since reinstalled Firefox (much to the dismay of my friend who is an ardent I.E. fan) and it's still working fine.

So thank you very much all of you, and the problem is solved!

Regards cowgirl66

  Pineman100 11:31 17 May 2010

The fact that you couldn't uninstall FF strongly suggests that your problems were due to a corrupt installation. So I can't see any reason not to continue using it, following a clean install.

Glad you've sorted it out (which you did pretty much yourself!).

I should keep Revo Uninstaller handy - it's a brilliant little application.

  kristain 11:21 24 Jun 2011


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  birdface 11:44 24 Jun 2011

Well had a look in Generate System Health Report and if you have a spare hour worth a look I suppose.

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