Slow screen reponse when online

  Laser157 16:36 08 Sep 2003

Following a recent crash my machine has recovered except for one problem. When scrolling on a webpage or entering text, there is a very slow response. E.g typing this post the cursor moves along as I type, but the text takes time to appear. This only happens on web pages, not on Word documents etc.
Broadband, Win98SE, ie5.5 P2-333.
Grateful for any clues!

  Giantsquid 17:19 08 Sep 2003

happened to me also a few weeks back, I ran a check for virus and it came back with one, deleted it and things were back to normal.
I may be wrong but it did the trick for me,

hope it helps,

  Laser157 18:00 08 Sep 2003

Thanks for the response Giantsquid. I have run the virus checker with updated database, but nothing found.

  Laser157 21:48 08 Sep 2003

Any more ideas out there?

  Giantsquid 22:10 08 Sep 2003

seems quiet tonight, unless they are all having the same problem as you !
someone will come in i'm sure,
good luck,

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