pcdimwit 07:24 26 Feb 2010

Hi, I have an Acer aspire 5630, less than 4 years old, it has started to boot up very slowly and the windows XP melody plays very "jiggly" and out of tune, have TalkTalk's wireless broadband and it works great on another almost new Asus laptop on the same router. When watching youtube vids the speech is disjointed and the vid. plays slowly, whereas on the Asus in the other room that is absolutely perfect, I have run Anti-malwarebytes programme and CClean registry cleaner and done the "disk clean-up" and defrag on this Acer, there is hardly anything on the HD anyway, I've been told that these laptops are "programmed" to run slow after a time, I am inclined to believe this as the computer is perfect in every other way but the boot-up is inordinately slow and its impossible to improve the running speed, also I am having to ctrl+alt+delete to show the windows task manager to shut down some websites that simply WILL NOT log out!! whereas at the very same time on the Asus computer these websites run fine. I dont want to have to buy ANOTHER laptop because of this annoying problem, has anyone any idea's what could be wrong? this has only been happening for the last couple of months. thanks PCDIMWIT

  STREETWORK 07:48 26 Feb 2010

It has the symptoms of a power failure by way of a reduced power output from the power supply. Other things are dust inside and on the fans used to cool the machine.

I would also look at what applications are starting to run at boot up.

Go to START - RUN and type msconfig

Look through the start up items and deselect anything you know you do not need to run. these items will run when you used the program...

  mooly 07:48 26 Feb 2010

4 years old and XP and I reckon it would run slow.

If it were me I would bite the bullet, save your data to flash memory and reload XP from the hidden partition using erecovery.
hen uninstall Norton if that were on as a trial using the correct cleanup from symantec and then and only then install Microsoft security essentials as an effective and light security program.
Let XP update and then make an image backup using erecovery so you never have to do that again :) and then reload your applications.

After 4 years there will be so many issues that to try and fix it all just isn't viable.

Doing this will bring it back to as new.
You may want to also then think of installing more memory if it's less than 1gb.

  pcdimwit 08:21 26 Feb 2010

thanks for that quick reply, I have opened start menu and gone into "run" and typed msconfig, you get a window that comes up with many tabs on the top, the first one is the "start up selection" with "normal start up" highlighted. Do I have to open up the tab "start up" and untick things I dont use from there? there is an AOL system I dont really use, and some things I dont understand at all on there, but its nowhere near as long as the "programs" list on the start up menu. Thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 08:34 26 Feb 2010

Thanks for that response Mooly, OOooooh, this sounds very complicated to me!!! I am a PCDIMWIT after all, there WAS a Norton antivirus on this laptop when I bought it, but I use AVG free virus scanner, this is an Acer 5633WLMi with an intel T5500 2 duo processor, there is 1gb DDR2, it runs at 1.66 Ghz, 667 Mhz FSB, has a 2 MB L2 cache.

I have hardly any saved data on it, mainly photos and documents to a maximum of about 8gb. its a 120 Gb HD.
I think I am going to have to get help to do the complete re-start you suggest, but I think it will have to be done as I cant see this "jiggly" melody and slow running youtube vids getting better.

I dont understand what you mean about using "correct cleanup form Symantec" after removing the Norton anti-virus? is Symantec already in this computer or would I have to download that before I begin this process? I do have Anti-malwarebytes programme installed and the CClean registry programme already installed.

Also will the Acer's own erecovery have the facility to reload windows in this "hidden partition" you mention?? I dont have a CLUE where to begin!!!


  mooly 09:00 26 Feb 2010

On your laptop (trying to remember XP) if you go to the start menu (bottom left) and type acer you should find a complete user manual preinstalled as a pdf.

Read about erecovery... it's really easy. You just select restore to factory defaults and in 20 minutes or so it's all back to brand new.
You can also run it by pressing "ALT" and "F10" I think during initial boot up and as a last resort by using the recovery discs it kept asking you to make when it was new... you did didn't you ?

As you have no issues booting to windows it's easy, just run erecovery from there. It's the surefire way to fix all your problems.

Norton ? Any antivirus package buries itself deeply in the system and just uninstalling via windows can leave traces behind. Norton... and all other too have their own dedicated removal tools available from the companies concerned.

More on MSE here,
click here

and here,
click here

there is a link top left here to download MSE if you wish. It's free and excellent and is guaranteed compatable being Microsoft.

  mooly 09:05 26 Feb 2010

Using alt and f10

click here

  pcdimwit 09:13 26 Feb 2010

Yes, I did make DVD recovery disks when it was new, I think there are about 5 of them somewhere. when I open the "start" menu bottom left there isnt a "search" box to put "acer" into, Is this only in the "run" icon on XP?? I kinda understand what you are saying, do I do this "factory restore" when the computer is NOT connected to the internet? or MUST it be connected to internet? There are alot of start up programmes from DVD decrypt to camera software, I took all the games off, apart from solitaire, will I have to remove Norton from the "all programmes" in the "start" menu when it has all been restored, in order to get rid of all the "arms" of Norton that arent shown? where is the link to MSE? is that where you say "More on MSE here" "and here" - do I install this MSE BEFORE I start this "restore to factory defaults" with the erecovery?? thanks PCDIMWIT - Doing it this way, will I still have to save all my photos and docs to a USB stick??

  pcdimwit 18:07 26 Feb 2010

Hi Mooly, have done the restore thing with ALT+F10 it has cleaned it all up and restored it but now I cant get Internet explorer to open up, I have an incon in the task bar telling me that talktalk internet is connected and excellent signal, I also cant get my photo files to transfer to the "my photo's" folder they all stay in "my documents" - Ooooh, this is a nightmare!!!

  mooly 18:49 26 Feb 2010

You've done the restore OK ?

If you have, the PC will be as on day one, asking you to set all options etc. I take it it was :)

You will now have to set everything up now one item at a time.

You're internet access... are you using it wirelessly with a router somewhere in the house.

It's ages since I used XP...
This is for XP
click here
Or can you right click the wireless and find and set it from there.

The wireless network is almost certainly encrypted for security... so you have to enter the key into the system (windows xp). The key will be whatever the default was on the router unless you have changed it in the past.

Can you right click the photos and select "send to" and choose my pictures. Or drag and drop to "my pictures"

I would also make use of Acers own backup utility which I think will be included under erecovery. It's very much like Acronis and images the disk storing the backup on the D partition.
You can do "full" backups which are one offs, or incremantals which keep adding to the sequence. These are great, because as you go along, and if disaster strikes, then you can just recover to the last backup point and continue.

If you get stuck setting the network up start a new thread for it as I'm not up to speed on XP :) without actually having one in front of me.

  mooly 18:51 26 Feb 2010

The link doesn't :) Try again,
click here

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