Slow processor

  Egg McKane 00:04 17 Apr 2003

The software i recently bought requires a faster processor than i have, can i get around this problem by changing my graphics card to a more powerful one? My processor runs at 450Mhz and the software needs 500Mhz

  Lú-tzé 08:18 17 Apr 2003

It depends on what the software is for - if a video editor it may work as this uses the graphic card a lot; if somethink like an accounts package which needs processing power alone, then the graphics card will not help.

More RAM is likely to make a difference though if it is limited.

I have often found that the minimum requirements mentioned by software manufacturers really are the minimum to make use of the software and a higher spec is necessary.

  Egg McKane 12:29 17 Apr 2003

The software i recently bought requires a faster processor than i have, can i get around this problem by changing my graphics card to a more powerful one? (from ATI rage 128 xpert to Sapphire radeon 9000 atlantis pro) The software is Sim city 4 and not an accounts or word package.
My processor runs at 450Mhz and the game needs 500Mhz but dont games use the graphics card and not the processor or am i mistaken?

  Tog 12:33 17 Apr 2003

If it is similar to the other Sim games, then Sim City probably does a lot of AI generation, the more characters floating around, the more Processor time needed.

  Egg McKane 12:39 17 Apr 2003

So just a graphics card upgrade wont work then? The 9000 pro runs at 270Mhz with 275Mhz DDR memory giving an effective speed of 550Mhz so wont that take some pressure off the processor since its only 500Mhz im looking for?

  Tog 12:58 17 Apr 2003

The last graphics card I bought stipulated a minimum CPU speed on the box next to the AGP support. (Creative Geforce4 MX440) So that might be worth checking as well.

  moore_mat 13:02 17 Apr 2003

You can't compare graphics processing speed with main processing speed. They are responsible for different things.
If you really don't want to upgrade your processor, you could try seeing if it would overclock to 500Mhz - might be worthwhile as it is not a big leap.

[email protected]

  Egg McKane 13:06 17 Apr 2003

How do i do that moore_mat

  Belatucadrus 13:08 17 Apr 2003

Have you tried to run the game ? The system specifications on game boxes are not that precise.

  Egg McKane 13:12 17 Apr 2003

Yeah and its running really slow it needs more juice than i've got at the moment.

  moore_mat 13:19 17 Apr 2003

Overclocking varies from processor to processor, and I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't tinkered with the innards of a PC before. A reasonable site is

This link explains what overclocking is to the uninitiated:- click here

Your best bet would be to go to somewhere like Google ( click here ) and put your processor make and model in (e.g. Athlon 500Mhz ) followed by the word Overclock - you'd be surprised of the results you get. Anyone else want to share their overclocking tips?

[email protected]

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