Slow printing problem

  montyburns 16:28 04 Aug 2005

Using an Epson Stylus Color 850, with WIndows XP

Recently started doing an odd thing on anything but "draft" setting. It'll sound as if it's printing like crazy, yet the real speed is mega slow (like around 20 minutes to print a single A4 text document)

Tried uninstalling the driver and then re-installing. Odd again, as even though I previously used the original driver disc, it now says it's incompatible with XP. So I downloaded an XP driver off the Epson site, which also told me it was incompatible!!

Any ideas what's going on?!

  montyburns 20:08 07 Aug 2005



  Taff36 21:36 07 Aug 2005

No idea mate! I would remove the printer from the computer in Printers and Faxes. Remove all Epson Software from Add & Remove Programmes and then start again from your original disk with a fresh install. Don`t forget to leave the printer unconnected to the PC until the software is installed or it tells you to plug it in.

Once the printer works normally I might be tempted to install the new driver.

  amonra 21:57 07 Aug 2005

What are you trying to print ? If you have a large document or photo in TIFF format it can be megabits in size, and the poor old printer is working its socks off trying to print the extra detail which isn't really there. Just a thought.

  bionicle 22:04 07 Aug 2005

Have you tried looking at your printer settings. I am using Epson Stylus C60 which has an ajustable slider between quality and speed. I would imagine your printer has similar.

  montyburns 23:08 07 Aug 2005

Just trying to print ordinary text documents...

Worked OK a short while ago, on standard settings, so no idea why it's on a go slow now

Regarding re-installing (hi again Taff btw!) tried this and driver is no good as it's pre XP and the one I tried off the Epson site is no good too....

Maybe I should just bin the printer. That'd make about 4 in 4 years....

  Taff36 23:35 07 Aug 2005

Was this the driver click here ? Note the reference number is included in the name of the .exe download.

  montyburns 23:40 07 Aug 2005

I think it was but I'll try it again..............

  montyburns 23:43 07 Aug 2005

Yup, that's it

"The driver you are about to install is not designed for Windows XP. Running this driver may create stability problems, and it is recommended that you obtain a later version of the driver from the manufacturer......"


  Diemmess 08:38 08 Aug 2005

Have you checked the BIOS in "integrated peripherals" the printer setting on a motherboard I had once offerred NORMAL, ECP, EPP,

If by some chance it was on NORMAL, it behaved like tomorrow was soon enough!

  woodchip 09:32 08 Aug 2005

As bionicle above, but do it this way go to Start/Settings/Printers right click on your printer/Properties then check what speed the printer is set to, you may have to go into Advanced settings or Extra, cannot say as My Epson is old 680 model and Have more control over the settings on mine

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