Slow Ping

  carver 10:00 20 Dec 2008

Please can any one help me, I am having some ear ache from my son about his PING, don't laugh this is serious.

I am with SKY broadband and have got a decent speed of 6MB download and 0.6MB upload, his PC is on a wireless connection and at times his ping goes from about
click here

45ms to about 250ms, I can switch of the router to the broad band and this brings it back down to 45ms.

My PC is wired directly to the router and when I check his ping mine also gives me to same result so I don't think it's any thing to do with the wireless connection(I hope).

The Sky router is a Netgear box.

What I would like to know is what is causing it to vary so much and is there any thing I can do about it.

  Fingees 18:53 20 Dec 2008

I wouldn't worry about an individual ping.

just connect to

click here

This will test the overall speed.

  carver 21:13 23 Dec 2008

I'll add this in case any body else has a similar problem, I had a faulty phone in the house and that is what caused the problem even though it had a filter on it.

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