Slow performance - Fans or RAM?

  cheerup347 23:29 07 Sep 2009


I have a fairly good spec PC. 2.8ghz dual core processor, 2gb of ram. Recently it's been struggling with small tasks like burning discs and stuff.

I get loud beeps (almost like an alarm) coming from inside the tower.

I've tried cleaning everything out (the fans) etc. Which did help with how soon the beeping occurred but there's still a problem.

I'm guessing it's a problem with the fans or RAM (or worse) but how could I test my RAM is working properly or if my fans need replacing/upgrading?


  DieSse 23:48 07 Sep 2009

Loud beeps when the system is running is NOT RAM.

It's either fan/temperature alarm or a power line out of specification alarm.

Most likely at this time of year is temperature. You can often check the temperatures and fan speeds by looking in the BIOS. If not the free Everest program will do it. click here

If the power is out of kilter, then again this may show in the BIOS or via Everest.

Fixing it just depends on finding which it is.

  cheerup347 23:53 07 Sep 2009


got the program but I'm not too sure what I'm looking for.

My fans say:

Chassis 8766 RPM
Power Supply 2778 RPM

is that about normal?

  cheerup347 23:53 07 Sep 2009


got the program but I'm not too sure what I'm looking for.

My fans say:

Chassis 8766 RPM
Power Supply 2778 RPM

is that about normal?

  DieSse 23:59 07 Sep 2009

You don't mention the CPU fan. The chassis fan speed is incredibly high.

What about temperatures?

What about voltage readings?

Sometimes the program can identify things wrongly. Have you looked in the BIOS also?

  DieSse 00:01 08 Sep 2009

If you aren't yet looking at the Everest readings (it wasn't clear) - the reading come from the motherboard section, under Sensor.

  DieSse 00:02 08 Sep 2009

Sorry - from the Computer section, under Sensor.

  cheerup347 08:24 08 Sep 2009

Temperatures (after switching it on):

Motherboard 28 °C (82 °F)
CPU 25 °C (77 °F)
Aux 35 °C (95 °F)
GPU 52 °C (126 °F)
Seagate ST3320620A 24 °C (75 °F)
SAMSUNG SP2504C 20 °C (68 °F)

No idea if they are normal or not? I can take readings in a few hours after doing some tasks on my computer too.


  cheerup347 08:25 08 Sep 2009

Also, voltage readings:

Voltage Values
CPU Core 1.34 V
+2.5 V 1.81 V
+3.3 V 3.26 V
+12 V 11.84 V
+5 V Standby 4.97 V
VBAT Battery 3.18 V
Debug Info F FF 3D F4
Debug Info T 44 30 25
Debug Info V 54 71 CC FF B9 00 4A (47)

  OTT_Buzzard 09:22 08 Sep 2009

Your CPU Vcore is very high and could cause an overheat under stress. Can you adjust the CPU voltage in BIOS?

  DieSse 12:12 08 Sep 2009

If that says the 2.5v is at 1.81v - that's quite low.

All the others look fine. But after switch-on is probably not the best time to look - after it's been on for a bit, and the first warning happens is the time to look.

The CPU core voltage depends on exactly what model processor you have. You can get this from Everest too. A 2.8GHz dual-core Pentium is not exact enough.

If Everest is not up-to-date enough. there is another freebie here

click here

The hardware monitor there looks good too - I'm just about to try it myself, as Everest, whilst good, is a bit long in the tooth now.

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