Slow PC - Why?

  Legslip 15:44 17 Apr 2010

I have a desktop that is as slow as 'ell. I have got rid of old, unwanted progs, cleaned the registry, disk cleaned, defraged and doubled the RAM to 1gb. It is an AMD Athlon XP2800 running XP.
I ran Malewarebytes and it took two and threequarter hours to check the disk. I am currently ronning Microsoft Security Essentials and that has been going for an hour and a half and still isn't finished. It has an 80gb HDisk with 60gb of free space so there isn't much on it. Apart from a total reformat, is there anything else I can do?

  birdface 15:55 17 Apr 2010

[currently running Microsoft Security Essentials]
Just wondered if you removed your previous Anti-Virus program using the proper removal tool.
What anti-virus were you using.
Maybe update your drivers.
Driver Max free is fairly good but will only update 2 drivers a day so it might take a few days.

  Woolwell 16:07 17 Apr 2010

Check that all of the fans are clean and the airflow is ok. Other than that it may be best to bite the bullet and do a re-install of Windows.

  Legslip 16:11 17 Apr 2010

Was running AVG but removed through Add/Remove and can see no traces there. Will give drivermax a whirl. Thanks

  Legslip 16:14 17 Apr 2010

Thanks Woolwell. Hae checked CPU temp and it is showing as 55c which seems very cool although I have the side off the PC at the moment. Think as you say I'll bite the bullet and reformat but having done everything I just wished I knew why it is going so ruddy slow.

  compumac 16:17 17 Apr 2010

Noticed that you used Add/remove Programmes to remove AVG. I have had problems with my sons laptop running AVG 9 and when googling found that there were problems experienced using Add/Remove Programmes and the advice appeared to be to download AVG uninstaller to remove all AVG components. This worked for me and there were just one or two folders to deleted manually see here click here.

  Legslip 16:18 17 Apr 2010

Will give it a whirl

  rdave13 16:31 17 Apr 2010

Also check task manager to see what's using the CPU most.

  Legslip 18:11 17 Apr 2010

Well it's back to the dear old reformat/reinstall. A pain in the rear job but sometimes it seems to be the only answer!!

  rdave13 18:37 17 Apr 2010

Nothing showing in task manager?

  awest3 19:47 17 Apr 2010

might be worth checking your security for restricted sites...
Tools, internet options, security, restricted sites, sites.
Some cleaning tools like spybot can put hundreds of sites in this area to stop malicious sites getting at your PC..however I've found that they can seriously slow down your machine. There is a small program called deldomains
click here which clears these entires out.

Worth a shot before formatting.

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