Slow Pc when online only

  Merlin007 20:35 04 Oct 2003

Hi all, please help..My pc works great till I go Online...My computer connects ok but when I go to open a page the application takes ages to open..Not the actual page to download just the page itself to open, if i go to (for example) open favorites it takes ages for the menu to drop down...If i download something it downloads at normal speed..
Please Advise

  Gongoozler 20:36 04 Oct 2003

Hi Merlin007. What is the spec of your pc, what operating system and what modem?

  Merlin007 20:46 04 Oct 2003

Hi Its an
Win XP
Athlon 1400
512 ram
Modem is USB Supra Max 56k
As mentioned I download ok, pages a little slow to open very slow when asking to open application or search favourites etc only when online

  AL D. 20:50 04 Oct 2003

Have tried deleting your temporary files and defraging?

  Merlin007 21:00 04 Oct 2003

yep tried that any other ideas would be great

check the settings on your antivirus software it may be checking every file before opening it.

  AL D. 21:24 04 Oct 2003

Have a look at this, click here your modem is supported,

  Merlin007 21:33 04 Oct 2003

I am using Zone Alarm all seems well with that just medium settings

  Merlin007 21:36 04 Oct 2003

my computer did run ok due to hard drive error i formatted re installed and its since the reinstall my problems have occured
Thanks for continued help

zone alarm is a firewall I meant your antivirus ie norton antivirus, avg etc. I am not sure but think it may be checking each and every file before opening it.

  Merlin007 21:44 04 Oct 2003

As i have just re installed I have put on Zone alarm but no anti virus yet, i have tried online virus scan i have no virus (house trend)

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