Slow PC at loading personal settings

  Dalglish2 15:03 15 Sep 2008

I have optimised my PC using Registry Mechanic which has made a difference to boot up time but when I log in to my XP user account, I need to make a coffee as the 5 mins it takes to load my personal settings suggests something is still not right.
Hope someone may have a clue?

  Condom 15:11 15 Sep 2008

It may help if you were to give some details about your system, ie CPU Memory etc and what programs you load on startup as there could be a host of reasons for your problem. There are a lot of clever people on this site but they will need something to work with.

  Dalglish2 15:17 15 Sep 2008

Condom, good point..

RAM 512Mb
CPU AMD Athlon 2400 2004MHz
C drive 12.7Gb (12Gb used)
F Drive 76Gb (71Gb used)

Programs loading BBC iplayer,Nokia PC suite,

  baldydave 15:31 15 Sep 2008

One problem is so many programs loading at start up and only 512mb ram do you need all these running at start up?
Second problem is your C drive,i take this as being the windows needs hard drive space to operate properly so would suggest increasing free space from 700mb to a good 2gb or so by transfering stuff to f drive.
Looking how full your drives are a upgrade might be help,

  baldydave 15:33 15 Sep 2008

Sorry forgot to add if windows has not got enough free space the system will crawl along.

  Condom 15:52 15 Sep 2008

At first sight I think baldydave has hit the nail on the head. Both your hard drives are what you might call a little bit overfull. Also with so little hard memory installed your PC will probably have automatically set quite a lot of virtual memory on your C Drive reserving even more space. I should also imagine that defragging both your drives must take forever with so little free space(you do defrag occasionally don't you). Both memory and hard drives are so cheap right now I would suggest that you upgrade one hard drive for starters. Your CPU is still fine but as baldydave says I would remove both the Nokia and BBC iPlayer from startup as you can run them when you want them. I'm also pretty sure that you will have many other programs running at startup which you don't immediately use or need and there are others who visit this site who will no doubt help you further identifying these and what to do about them.

  Dalglish2 20:22 15 Sep 2008

Thanks guys.
I did attempt to free up some space on the c drive by removing some largish software eg Adobe Phoshop but found surprisingly this didnt make much of a difference.
I have Acronis True Image 8 so an upgrade makes sense - would this be a case of restoring a c drive image on the new drive? If so, how would the system boot up without the new c drive possessing the boot up files? I guess the acronis boot disk would help here.
Will remove the iplayer and Nokia stuff from startup - thanks again.

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