Slow PC - Help with clearing & speeding up

  bear73 13:53 13 Feb 2010


I am hoping someone can help me sort out my elderly in-laws pc. We are visiting today and it has been running very slow for a while now. It takes a good 5-10 mins or more just to load up the desktop and allow you to open any applications. There seems to be a lot of stuff running in the background but I have no idea what is necessary and what isn't. I was hoping there was an easy way of posting what is running and having someone help me sort it out for them while we are here.

Any help on speeding it up and clearing it out would be much appreciated. I am fairly good on pc stuff but I don't want to delete stuff they may need. Its a Dell Dimension 5100 using XP. They don't use it for much except checking the odd thing on the internet and my father in law likes to catch up with things on iplayer (he's nearly 90 so good on him)!

Thanks in advance

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