Slow PC but dont know why

  Nessie 17:42 03 Nov 2013

I am looking at my dads pc as it is slow on start up. I have checked task manager and only 20% of CPU used and 50% memory. Avast is up to date and the full scan shows up no virus. Task manager only shows about 4 processes and non use much of the system. I have checked windows update and completely updated so at a loss. The HD just keeps going for about 40 minutes doing something. Any ideas would be great

  rdave13 17:50 03 Nov 2013

I'd run Ccleaner including the registry cleaner. See if that helps. Remember in default mode it cleans everything so I hope you remember your passwords.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 03 Nov 2013

Op system?

turn off indexing

  rdave13 18:24 03 Nov 2013

Not sure I agree with turning off search/indexing. Running an SSD I found indexing still useful but will shorten the life of the drive by an insignificant amount. Depending on the OS it might also be the Trustedinstaller as well as indexing running. Whenever you use the PC then indexing and the Trustedinstaller services stop so might be worth leaving the PC to do its thing until the HD activity stops. Once they're up-to-date then the services don't work so hard.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:10 04 Nov 2013

"The HD just keeps going for about 40 minutes doing something"

The Windows "Resource Monitor" is a useful tool for situations like yours so click here and have a look at the "Disk" section. You can click on the column-heading buttons to sort the processes so the ones using the disk the most are at the top.

Note that this tool isn't available with XP.

  christina.john 10:53 04 Nov 2013

I would recommend you to do basic maintenance and cleanup work required to ensure PC smooth operations.

Check this How to Optimize your Pc for Best Performance to give your Pc a go.

Also, Defragment your drives!! Hope this Helps

  wee eddie 11:01 04 Nov 2013

Just a possibility:- Avast running on Start-up

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:01 04 Nov 2013

1. Software

a) Clear out all temporary files and folders -- use CCleaner

b) Scan for malware spyware and viruses --Free Anti Spyware :- Malwarebytes Superantispyware

Free Antivirus software MicroSoft Security Essentials Avast

c) Clean the registry -- Use the tool in CCleaner its very safe and also allows you to back up the registry first.

d) Pagefile (Virtual Memory) -- Right click MY Computer - select properties - Advanced tab - Performance - advanced tab - Virtual memory click change, you can put the page file on a different drive (if you have one), click custom size and set Initial size to one and a half times the amount of memory you have fitted i.e. 512MB memory = set to 768MB, set maximum to double your memory amount i.e. 512MB memory = 1024MB click ok. If your hard drive is full and there is not enough room for the pagefile this can slow down, freeze or even cause the PC to crash (restart).

e) Cut down on the programs that load at start up -- Start - Run type msconfig - start up tab- untick everything except for firewall, antivirus and antispyware

and the services that run in the background. see

2. Hardware

a) Hard drives /

i) IDE Channels: (Not required if you have SATA drives) Check the transfer rate, you need to have the transfer mode set to DMA not PIO. Right click My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Expand (click the + ) IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers right click Primary Channel - Advanced Settings Tab - If transfer Mode is PIO then follow the instructions at 7">[click here to change.

ii) Check for errors and defrag your hard drives -- My Computer - select drive - properties - tool tab - Error checking / Defragmentation.

ii) If you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 it's a good idea to convert your system drive to the NTFS file system if you have not already. In addition to providing numerous security and data recovery improvements over FAT32 (the file system of choice for Windows 9x/ME and XP Home) it can also speed up your system slightly.

In fact, the only real reason for sticking with the FAT32 file system for any of your data is if you have more than one operating system on your PC and the other OS's can only see FAT32 partitions (as would be the case with Windows 98, for example, which is incapable of reading NTFS data).

To convert your drives to NTFS: Right click on 'my computer' and select 'manage' From the computer management window, expand storage and select 'disk management.' Using the 'file system' column of the upper pane of this window, you can easily check what file system each of your logical drives is using. Make a note of this information. Now open a command prompt window by going to 'start\run' and typing 'cmd' To convert a disk to NTFS, type 'convert (drive letter): /fs:ntfs' So for example, if you were going to convert your C: drive, you would type 'Convert c: /fs:ntfs' at the prompt.

b) Drivers Obtain the newest drivers for your hardware This may seem a bit obvious, but keeping your system's drivers up to date can give both your performance and stability a boost. Video card manufacturers release updates especially often, and these can often give "significant boosts" to gaming performance as video card in question is "optimized."

Don't neglect the other components of your system either. Your motherboard manufacturer may have released newer versions of its Input/output drivers for your board, and sound cards and other peripherals can also benefit from newer software.

c) Memory Your memory could be failing try memtest

Add more physical memory, this of course means opening the "box" and fitting a memory module, make sure you buy one that is suitable for your PC. Crucial will guide you through the process of selecting the correct memory. click here for a guide to fitting memory.

  christina.john 05:41 05 Nov 2013


what security program you are using? :/ The site is perfectly safe to visit (nothing popped up in my security program)and i just referred it considering the tips are reasonably good.

Site age might be a matter for you, but not for me. Content is Key !!

  christina.john 09:14 05 Nov 2013


I am yet to find any issue in this site. nothing downloadable material in the particular link or have gone through other tweaking articles, but does not find anything wrong nor my Security Program restricting me !!

And yes, i am using Avast on My Windows 8 Pc and on the other laptop i have Bitdefender !!On both systems. none of the security program issued any warning !! Even Mcafe Site Advisor and Norton SafeWeb do not warn on visiting it !!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:25 05 Nov 2013

The information on that page is sound however Registry recycler advertised at the top for download is rather aggressive for a non expert user and may therefore cause more harm than good.

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