Slow PC - Am I missing somwthing?

  Dark Knight 20:06 02 Apr 2005

Hi There

I have been given a relations computer (as the one supposed to know about these things.) to look at as it was being particularly slow and was giving error messages relating to a lack of virtual memory. The computer is very slow to boot up!

The problems all started when the computer was upgraded from win 98se to 2000 (as 2000 was needed to run I-tunes?)

Initially the computer had 64mb ram. Which I presumed to be the cause of the erors and have subsequently upgraded it to 256mb - the max the m/b can take (Medion PCMT4).

I have also............
1)limited the programs running at startup t0
These are related to Norton software (not my choice!!!) and ones I was unsure about removing!

2) Run and installed windows updates

3) Run online antivirus and ad-aware removing limited spyware.

4) Cleaned registry using TweakNow regcleaner 2.0.7

5) Run scandisc and defragged

6) Run disc cleanup

When I was given the PC two messages were displayed at boot up. The first related to a cd being required and virtual truck and the second relating to proplus.msi. I have googled them both and have managed to suppress from start up - they have not been solved as both require the installation CDs to fix??!!

The PC is running 2hds one of 15Gb and 1 of 8Gb. It has an Intel 650MHz processor.

Despite doing this the PC is still very slow to startup.
1) Is there anything more I can do?
2) Are the two programs being suppressed causing problems?
3) or is the computer simply not up to handling the things it is bing asked?
4) I am under the impression Norton antivirus/ firewall/spyware/ is very resource hungry - would changing to AVG/sygate/ad-aware make things quicker?

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.


  Nelmon2k 20:22 02 Apr 2005

Hi, The first thing you can do is to increase the amount of virtual memory allowed. If you search for it on google it should tell you somewhere how to do it. It will be in the windows options somewhere. As far as Norton is concerned I have had norton on two of my computer and both run more slowly than any of the others despite similar specs. Since then I have only used AVG free which has not only not slowed down my computer to a rediculously slow speed I've found it has a much better detection rate. Hope this helps a bit

  bremner 20:28 02 Apr 2005

You are running at the recomended minimum amount of memory for 2000 which is 256MB.

If the hard drive on which your swap file is situated is particularly then full this will cause the virtual memory is low messages.

How much space is there on each HDD?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:30 02 Apr 2005

Set virtual memory:

right click my computer



performance options

set for 1024 min and max


What processor speed?

Windows 2000 Professional and Server Services Configuration by Black Viper
click here for a look.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:30 02 Apr 2005

Just seen the processor speed - should be ok. Not wonderful but ok.

  Dark Knight 20:36 02 Apr 2005

Main Drive 15Gb has 42% remaining - around 4gigs -This runs windows plus and has all other programs installed onto it
Second drive used for backups only is 80% free!

Without changing all the cables from my pc to theirs again I am unsure what speed the Hds are.

The error messages relating to the virtual memory are not appearing where they were previously since installing the additional ram. Primarily the problem is the general slow speed particulaly at boot hence my reason for highlighting Norton (which takes ages before appearing in the task bar) and the programs I suppressed.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:39 02 Apr 2005

I put Win2k onto a similar PC and it was ok with Sygate and Avast AV. Do you fancy a clean install of Windows to check for problems that way?

  Dark Knight 20:42 02 Apr 2005

Clean Install - Not really. The computer is going back tomorrow..... and I do not have their win2000 disc.

removing Norton and replacing with AVG etc seems the best short term 'fix'.

  Dark Knight 09:37 03 Apr 2005

any more suggestions pc must go back today!


  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 03 Apr 2005

Have you looked at BlackViper? That is the best for optimising Win2k.

click here
PacsPortal also has a list of what need to run at startup.

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