Slow PC

  NickyK 04:53 16 Aug 2009

Sorry not to do a search, but this is a weird problem.

My best friend runs exactly the same PC as me (Dell desk top with XP and all the service packs in) and we share the same telephone exchange (we are both within a mile of it).

He likes to listen to legal streamed music and so on, but over the last two weeks he has noticed a massive slow-down, so much so that he can't sometimes even open his browser.

He has also phoned British Telecom and AOL (our ISP) and both said the connection is fine. I even gave him my spare brand new router which he put in, and the system is still as slow as a slug.

I don't know what else to suggest he does. Sure, the first thing is to get a British Telecom engineer out to properly examine the entirety of the phone line - but surely if their diagnostics say it is fine, then it should be fine.

We did also try a System Restore. No happy result. I also told him how to clean his registry (which he did) and obviously we use safe little things like ccleaner.

I don't know what else to suggest. Please help!!!!

  Technotiger 06:35 16 Aug 2009

Sounds more like a virus or spyware, trojan etc. I would advise him to read and act upon the suggestings in this thread .... click here

  birdface 09:22 16 Aug 2009

While you are browsing through Technotiger's click here to see what security programs that are needed.A quick download and update of the free Malwarebytes is a very good start.
Maybe check that he has enough memory and room in his hard drive.Download SIW that will tell him what he needs to know about his laptop.
And maybe a defrag if he has not done one recently.

This Question has already been answer under 'Slow Computer' I posted that thread.

  NickyK 01:49 17 Aug 2009

Thanks Doodles3. Obviously, I should have used Search. Thnaks to all for replies and attention. I'll close this thread now if I can remember how to do it!

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