Slow PC

  Greatstep 21:21 01 Nov 2007

My PC is 2.8 GHz, 80 GB Hard Drive and 512 MB Memory

Very slow and choppy (stops and goes) when streaming, printing, etc. Have about 35 GB available memory. Followed instructions in "Help," but did not help.


  Totally-braindead 21:40 01 Nov 2007

First thing have you defragged the hard drive recently?
Second thing how much free space do you have on your 80 gig hard drive?

  RobCharles1981 00:54 02 Nov 2007

What Antivirus and Spyware do you have on your rig?

  birdface 10:05 02 Nov 2007

You could try Winaso Optimizer.The trial version only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.It certainly made a big difference to my computer when I used it.I had to run it 14 times before everything was clear.But it's free .click here There is also a registry defrag on it .I would try that as well.I don't use any of the bottom 2 but use all the rest. Well worth a try.Also make sure the air vents at the back of your computer are free from dust and fluff.If so you will probably have to go inside and clean that out as well.I use a fine haired paint brush with a hoover with the plastic fitting on the end.

  Totally-braindead 10:17 02 Nov 2007

Time for a cleanup I think. Firstly download CrapCleaner click here absolutley wonderful program and basically it does what it says, gets rid of leftover bits etc and cleans things up.
Empty the recycle bin and then look at startup programs.
Assumming its XP you have goto START, RUN and type MSCONFIG and click on the startup tab at the end. Now these are programs that load up when the computer starts and a lot of them will be unneccessary. Unticking boxes doesn't remove the programs, they are still there listed under programs but it stops them loading at startup, anything that loads at startup is running in the background and is therefore slowing your PC down a bit. The more programs at startup the slower it gets.
Now watch what you untick, some of these programs are necessary for windows to run and if you untick the wrong one windows might not start. If you did do that then you could start in safe mode and retick the relevant boxes but write down what boxes you untick and only untick things you recognise and don't need to run at startup. If you don't know what a program is then my advice is leave it, just to be safe.
Then run a defrag and see if all that has made a difference.

  JasonZBell 04:23 06 May 2008
  Totally-braindead 16:08 06 May 2008

JasonZBell I see very little point of adding onto a thread thats over 6 months old. I assume that the person who had the problem has worked out some sort of solution by now. Perhaps he gave up and bought a new system, who knows.
Also your link. Its just an advert for a program called RegCure. Is it anything to do with you personally or is it something that you have tried that you like or whatever?

  birdface 16:58 06 May 2008

He has been reported to the Forum Editor.Whether he can do anything about it I am not sure.

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